US Airways Model Airplane Disaster

Today in reasons why you should always pay your community/social media manager a good salary and treat them really really well: a photo of a model airplane inserted into a vagina was tweeted by the US Airway Twitter account. No word yet as to whether is was a disgruntled employee or a hacker or both. You can view the full, extremely NSFW image here.

As you can imagine, US Airways is very sorry…


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Cory and Topanga Reunited

Mere words CANNOT convey how irrationally excited i am at Cory & Topanga being reunited on my tv screen! If you don’t know who Cory & Topanga are, then you are either way too young to be on this blog in the first place, or you’re too old… or possibly you had a wasted childhood, and no heart. Or you’re foreign.

I will save time here and tell you to rather just go and Wiki “Boy Meets World.” They’ve switched it around for 2014, and the follow up tv series is called “Girl Meets World”. Cory and Topanga, still the cutest couple in town, are raising their teenager, Riley. Riley tries to navigate growing up in New York City — alongside her own Shawn Hunter-type BFF — while Cory and Topanga brave the world of parenting.

Here’s the trailer:

Note: If you were a fan of the old series, you might be disappointed in this “remake.” It’s a bit too fluffy Disney vibes… the original series was more “real”. This is more Hannah Montana, where the old one was more That 70′s Show.

Lets Get Social!

You’re going to need at least a minute or two to emotionally and mentally prepare yourself for what you are about to witness. In short, i think this video perfectly summarizes why people in social media who use words like, “social media guru” to describe themselves, are so widely hated and ridiculed. Every now and again we see an online campaign that is executed so poorly that you have to wonder whether the ‘gurus’ behind it actually have access to the internet… maybe they’re writing songs like this instead.

PS: It gets really good when the bald guy starts rapping… force yourself to watch the entire thing, it’s worth it. This went down at the Social Media Marketing World conference! All together now, “SOCIAL!”

The worst part has to be the comments section on Youtube. A couple of people who attended the conference are commenting under the video… one old lady even HASHTAGGED #THEBOMB. She works in fucking social media… i cannot even right now. DO YOU EVEN INTERNET?


Cats react to magic

A while back i posted the “dogs reacting to magic” video, and it was hilarious, so the good people over at Penguin Magic have brought us this video of cats reacting to magic. And how do cats react to magic? Do cats even “Get” magic? Well, cats do not give a single crap about you, or your magic. If we’re being honest here though, the dogs were sort of forced to care about the magic because there was food involved, but i still think the cats would have reacted in exactly the same way. In fact, these cats react in EXACTLY the same way i react to magic!

The Easter Bunny aka Satan’s Furry Helper

I can honestly say that at no point in my life have i ever believed in Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy, etc. As a result i always knew that the Santas and Easter Bunnies in the malls coaxing kids onto their laps, were just plain old people dressed up. I hated strangers in general, and i hated these pretenders even more. Regardless of whether you thought the Easter Bunny was real or not, the idea of having someone dress up as a furry animal with a permanent smile plastered across its face just seems… wrong.


If you need more convincing, check these pictures out. If you look close enough, you can actually see the children being permanently emotionally destroyed.


Porsche Test Drive Gone Wrong – Joburg Edition

What really makes this video is the running commentary from the boet/oke/boytjie filming the whole thing. At first, you can tell that he’s just admiring the Porsche, but the admiration soon turns to something else way more entertaining. “Oooooooooohhhhhww Maah Weeeehhhd! Thaaht izzaaah SHIT ONE!” I want this dude to narrate my life!

The Youtube comments are GOLD! This poor boet has been called everything from “African Guido” to “DUDEBRO”… but most people think the accent is worth more than the footage.

Honest Trailer For Game Of Thrones

Nudity! Dragons! Death! What more could you want? Actually… i like series without any of the aforementioned, and as a result i haven’t even watched one single episode of GOT… but the rest of the world is obsessed. Either way, the trailer from the dudes over at “Honest Trailers” is amazing.

“The return of “Game of Thrones” is upon us! Watch as we break down the most perfect mix of history, Dungeons&Dragons, and porn ever made!!”

Ghost Towns

I spend a lot more time than i would like to admit looking through pictures of abandoned towns/schools/institutions around the world. There’s something eerily romantic about places that once were homes to families, that now lie empty. Some of the most beautiful pictures are those of places that were left in a hurry – a dinner table with plates and cutlery set out, a school where the desks are still in neat rows, and hospitals with equipment still plugged into the walls. Nature always finds a way in though, and most of these abandoned places have been partially reclaimed by the surrounding vegetation.

Varosha (Famagusta, Cyprus)

During its heyday, between 1970 and 1974, Varosha was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and was a favourite destination of wealthy, rich and famous stars such as Elizabeth TaylorRichard BurtonRaquel Welch and Brigitte Bardot. Long story short, the Turkish invaded Famagusta, the inhabitants of Varosha fled during the invasion, and it has been abandoned ever since.


This has got to be one of the creepiest abandoned places in the world, because the locals literally left their entire lives behind. Car dealerships full of cars, planes on runways, and even sheets on beds. Due to the violent nature of the occupation, i think everyone left in quite a hurry, and no one has been back since. Access is controlled by the military as it is still a highly disputed area.

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