2 Six Year Olds Lip Synch Gotye

In my opinion, this little music video should replace the original by Gotye… watch it all the way through, it’s definitely worth the bandwidth! If i can have kids that like to do stuff like this, then i will have done my job as a parent :)

This is the description of the video from the Youtube Account that posted it:

Two six year old friends who love the song “somebody that I used to know” by GOTYE make a music video…

The two children in the video are my girlfriend’s son and his friend. A couple of months ago, they saw the GOYTE music video for SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW and fell in love with it. When they were riding in the car together, they would request it constantly and loved singing it. We joked about making a video for the song and the children loved the idea. One day, I set up a go pro camera behind my seat and when they got in the car, they saw the camera and got really excited. We filmed it over a few car rides and then I edited it together.



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