Blogger Brew Challenge II


I feel like i’m living in 1920’s America in the prohibition era and having to brew beer in my kitchen. Or maybe a bootlegger whose cooking up some moonshine in a barn somewhere. Either way, it feels like i’m running some sort of clandestine operation out of the living room in my (boyfriends) apartment.

If you’re not sure why i’ve embraced my redneck tendencies, it’s all for a good cause – WINNING! Take a look here: The Blogger Brew Challenge.

After reading thread upon thread on home brew forums as well as blog posts and articles and watching youtube videos – i realized that trying to brew beer with ADHD was going to be way more challenging than i thought. It’s a very specific, scientific process, where steps have to be followed quite precisely to make sure that you don’t end up with exploding bottles or poisoning your friends and family. I was so confused, i still am.

Before you start cooking with the malts and yeasts and stuff… you have to meticulously clean everything. EVERYTHING. Otherwise your beer will get unwanted bacteria in it and end up fermenting the wrong way and tasting like crap. Or killing someone. So the boyfriend and i diligently cleaned and sanitized everything and ended up wetting the entire apartment. Every single one of our towels had to be brought in to help the cause. They’re all in the wash now.

When we had cleaned everything, we added the boiling water and malt extract to the fermenter and hadn’t closed the tap… so you can guess what happened… boiling water and syrupy malt ALL over the floor :/ In that moment of panic, something like closing a tap becomes a mammoth task that neither of us could do quickly or easily. So way more stuff got out than it should have.

The beer is currently fermenting and is bubbling like a witches cauldron. I have no doubt that i have already done something magnificently stupid to fuck it all up.



  1. Loved this blog, Steph.. will be at the Beer fest to come try it out! If you and the Yorkshireman is still alive it shouldn’t be too dangerous!

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