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I can’t believe it, but it’s almost time for the Cape Town Festival Of Beer again! Since the Festival started, i’ve only missed 1 year, the very first, in 2009. It’s been great watching it grow year after year, and this year i know it’s going to be even more amazinger than the last.

I do have to confess something though – i don’t really count myself as a beer fan. In fact, not more than 2 years ago i honestly hated beer. Really really hated it. Not only did it taste like how i would imagine kitten pee would taste, it’s alcohol content to carb ratio was way off. Something changed in 2010 though… i went to the CTFOB with a colleague and he convinced me to have a sip of his Black Label Draught. It. Was. Delicious. I couldn’t believe it. I went and bought myself one, and finished it off in record time.

Now, my conversion to Beer-Loverism wasn’t instant, nor was it all encompassing. I tried to open myself up to other beers, and was never able to find another beer that i liked as much as that Black Label Draught. In fact, i still found the majority to be pretty gross. Then something even more surprising happened – i started dating a Yorkshireman who almost exclusively drinks beer, and a lot of it. The first time he ordered a Guinness, i looked at it’s blackness and thick white head, and knew that i would probably make a fool of myself if i tried it out… but i did. AND IT WAS AMAZING! I felt like my Irish Grandfather looking down on me from Purgatory, and nodding in approval, while my clan ancestors proudly shouted out war cries! I swear i heard a chorus of fiddles ring out… I saw a leprechaun… It was a religious experience.

Since then, i’ve tried even more beers. Some i love, some i hate… but i’m willing to try almost anything.

So when Dan Nash asked if i would be interested in taking part in the Bloggers Brew Challenge, i literally jumped and squealed! What is it? Well, i’m competing against 9 other bloggers/media people to see who can make the best homebrew. We were all given kits and as a result i currently have 23L of beer fermenting next to my bed.

I am, however, rather useless at stuff… so you can imagine that this process didn’t go down very smoothly. Take a look here: Blogger Brew Challenge II


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