Blogger Brew Challenge III

Let it be known that i am possibly the biggest procrastinator i know. In fact, i know that i’m the probably ranked in the Top 10 Procrastinators Of All Time list. My mom was hoping that i would eventually grow out of it – but it turns out it isn’t all my fault. If you follow me on Twitter, or have read some of my personal blogs, you might have seen me mention that i have ADHD. It seems that it’s “cool” to have ADHD these days – much like being a DJ or having an internet radio show…. but my ADHD is legit. And i most definitely have not outgrown it.

Making beer is not a task you can’t be lackadaisical about…. it takes immense amounts of concentration and all round pedantic-ness. You also have to follow a very specific timeline, almost to the hour. I, unfortunately, have not. I get distracted and find other things i should or shouldn’t be doing. In my defense, i have had a manic few weeks – with trips to JHB and new shows and outside broadcasts and the washing machine breaking. Yes, the broken washing machine is going to take some of the blame.

As a result i am THE LAST blogger, that is taking part in this challenge, to be bottling my beer :/ I should have bottled it over the weekend, but… you know… procrastination, life, whatever. I will now be bottling it tomorrow evening sometime (read: Thursday morning or Friday or whenever).

Because all of my competitors brews are done and bottled (and 1 spilled – I’m looking at you Kamini), i can now reveal some of what i added to my beer in an attempt to make it taste like unicorn pee, but more than likely fucked it up. I soaked some Morello Cherries and Strawberries in vodka for a week and a bit and then added the boozey berries to the fermenter, as well as a few cups of honey. I did this after the “looks like tea, tastes like vomit” episode a few weeks ago.

I also have one last trick up my sleeve that might just set me apart from the rest before i bottle my beer… but we shall see. I’m not sure if it’s me being negative or just realistic, but i’m not holding out much hope to win. I think wine lady Cathy Marston, and professional drinker Dylan Moore might just be the two to keep your eye on.



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