How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number

Someone get these guys a bottle of Bell’s! It shows that an honest, confident and direct approach works wonders. They only got rejected by 25% of the girls and some of those had boyfriends… so that doesn’t really count.

I’m not so sure if this technique would work in Cape Town though. I don’t know many of my friends who would just give their number out to a random guy. But you JHB boys might as well give it a try.

Please note: these guys are well dressed and aren’t being creepy about it. So if you give this a try, put on a decent outfit, smell good and be as confident as you can be.

EIther way, take look, you might just learn something ;)


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  1. I do wonder how many of them gave their real numbers. Although, I’m super tempted to try this. Maybe we should shoot our local version. :)

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