Drugged Up After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tanner Paxman gets his widsom teeth removed in the chair – very common in the states and even here in SA if there aren’t any complications. You get put under some sort of sedative and then they “operate” right there at the dentists rooms. The drugs are pretty strong as it’s quite a violent procedure, this poor kid is obviously feeling it.

The first video is of him in the dentists char straight after the procedure, the second is of him in the car drive on the way home. Both videos are ridiculously hilarious. The person filming him is his dad.

“I’m good, bro. I want to party”

Supercar FAILS.

Just because you’re rich enough to buy a supercar does NOT mean that you’re smart enough to drive it. I literally watched this entire video with my hand over my mouth and cringing all the way through. Some of these guys were just plain old run-of-the-mill stupid, but some of them are so fucking ridiculously idiotic that they could never be smart enough to have earned their own money to buy these cars… in other words – spoilt rich kids with not a brain cell to share between them. ARGH!

I feel sorry for the cars most, they deserve owners that will treat them with the respect and reverence they deserve!