Topless Tuesday Archive – The Guys

I know that there are a lot of you who live your weeks counting down to the weekend. I don’t recommend this as a way to live, but hopefully i can help you look forward to, at least, one day in the week! Mondays (apparently) suck, Wednesday is Hump Day and Thursday is almost Friday and well… Friday is THE WEEKEND BABY! So from henceforth, Tuesday shall be known as “Topless Tuesday”!

Up until now, Topless Tuesday pics of both girls and guys were hosted on one page, i didn’t have a problem with this… but it seems like some people’s phones/computers did. The sheer amount of pictures became too much for the fragile technology – so i’ve decided to streamline the process.

On this page you will find pictures of only guys, if you’re looking for pics of girls, you’re in the wrong place, click here: Topless Tuesday [girls].

If you ever have any pics that you would like me to include in my posts, tweet me: @StephanieBe :]


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