Lets Get Social!

You’re going to need at least a minute or two to emotionally and mentally prepare yourself for what you are about to witness. In short, i think this video perfectly summarizes why people in social media who use words like, “social media guru” to describe themselves, are so widely hated and ridiculed. Every now and again we see an online campaign that is executed so poorly that you have to wonder whether the ‘gurus’ behind it actually have access to the internet… maybe they’re writing songs like this instead.

PS: It gets really good when the bald guy starts rapping… force yourself to watch the entire thing, it’s worth it. This went down at the Social Media Marketing World conference! All together now, “SOCIAL!”

The worst part has to be the comments section on Youtube. A couple of people who attended the conference are commenting under the video… one old lady even HASHTAGGED #THEBOMB. She works in fucking social media… i cannot even right now. DO YOU EVEN INTERNET?



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  1. This is by far the greatest thing I have seen this week. I struggled through it, but it was SO worth it.
    What always astounds me is that these people EXIST. That guy is going to go home an tell his wife about how it went. Fuck to be a fly on the wall during THAT recap.
    Thanks for sharing, let’s get social.

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