Cory and Topanga Reunited

Mere words CANNOT convey how irrationally excited i am at Cory & Topanga being reunited on my tv screen! If you don’t know who Cory & Topanga are, then you are either way too young to be on this blog in the first place, or you’re too old… or possibly you had a wasted childhood, and no heart. Or you’re foreign.

I will save time here and tell you to rather just go and Wiki “Boy Meets World.” They’ve switched it around for 2014, and the follow up tv series is called “Girl Meets World”. Cory and Topanga, still the cutest couple in town, are raising their teenager, Riley. Riley tries to navigate growing up in New York City — alongside her own Shawn Hunter-type BFF — while Cory and Topanga brave the world of parenting.

Here’s the trailer:

Note: If you were a fan of the old series, you might be disappointed in this “remake.” It’s a bit too fluffy Disney vibes… the original series was more “real”. This is more Hannah Montana, where the old one was more That 70’s Show.