#ToplessTuesday 15 April

Welcome to the first OFFICIAL Topless Tuesday post of 2014! I hope you enjoy this gallery as much i did when i put it together. I’m also pretty happy to announce the return of the amateur section. Once again you’ll have to study the pics, because you never know who you might be looking at ;)


Lastly… this is VERY NSFW! By scrolling down and/or clicking on the gallery, you acknowledge that you are over 18.

The return of the amateurs!

US Airways Model Airplane Disaster

Today in reasons why you should always pay your community/social media manager a good salary and treat them really really well: a photo of a model airplane inserted into a vagina was tweeted by the US Airway Twitter account. No word yet as to whether is was a disgruntled employee or a hacker or both. You can view the full, extremely NSFW image here.

As you can imagine, US Airways is very sorry…


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