WIN – The brand new Asics Springbok jersey

Good morning folks!
It’s another day in sunny South Africa, and guess what? I’ve got more Springbok jerseys to giveaway!

Last week I gave away two jerseys on Twitter, yesterday I gave away one on Instagram, and today I’m going to give away two on here, this blog. Do you want to know how you can get your hands on this beauty:

Asics' Springboks - It's quite pretty, eh?

Asics’ Springboks – It’s quite pretty, eh?

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Peter Griffin Joins Instagram

Peter Griffin, Family Guy patriarch, has officially joined Instagram! Peter Instagrams the kind of things you would expect from the guy: like messing with the giant chicken, food pics, selfies and drinking at The Clam. Follow him @peterpumpkineater69!

The account was created by Fox to market the upcoming Family Guy video game and the “photos” are from the show’s marketing team while the writers are responsible for the captions and hashtags.

Fans of Family Guy have been told to keep an eye on the account as it could offer sneak previews of new episodes.