Three Irish Dudes Riverdance Across The World

These three Irish friends travelled through 23 different countries over the space of a year, all the while, recording themselves dancing at different landmark and locations in each of their destinations doing some rather bad Irish dancing. The best has got to be when in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a window-washer dude decided to join. SIDENOTE: I didn’t know other countries had people that stood at traffic lights waiting to “wash” your window with a squeegee and a wiper.

This is such an awesome way to document your travels, instead of boring old pictures:

Cyclist Rides Into Illegal Rave

An illegal secret rave/trance party/festival (how 90’s?) in the UK was organized in the middle of a beautiful National Park in the Brighton, East Sussex area. An area that is apparently popular with hikers and mountain bikers. This guy had his GoPro mounted on his helmet when him and his buddy were following a mountain path and stumbled across this party.

The party went on for nearly 24 hours, after police supposedly admitted that there weren’t enough police officers to shut it down. 2,000 people in 400 vehicles turned up at around 1am in the early hours of Sunday. Officers struggled to control the crowds and eventually gave up, leaving the nearby residents to live through the crazy non-stop music.

If you watch carefully, in amongst all of the drunk and high party-goers, the cyclists go past a few hikers who also seem to have landed themselves up in the mess. Can you imagine South African police letting something like this slide?! Within hours there would be water cannons, rubber bullets, and tear gas. The Brits are screwed if anyone decides to ever do something a little more serious than a party en masse… they can’t even deal with drunk kids?

“Rich & I thought we’d go for nice quiet sunshine ride at the Dyke on the South Downs way, what we saw next was just plain surreal and not a bunch of badgers.”

Music Video: Die Antwoord “Pitbull Terrier”

So i’ve been away for a while, and i realize that i’m possibly a bit late on this – but if by any chance you haven’t seen the new Die Antwoord music video, you really should check it out. It’s no secret that i’m a massive Die Antwoord fan, they’ve accomplished more than any South African act, as far as i’m concerned, and they’re even more of a household name overseas, than here at home – and that’s a damn shame! When i travel overseas and people find out that i’m from South Africa, they always ask about: Nelson Mandela, crime, and Die Antwoord.


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WIN! A Fully Stocked Sir Juice Fridge For 1 Month!

Sir Juice image 2

WIN! A Fully Stocked Sir Juice Fridge For 1 Month!

Sir Juice have recently added 2 new flavours to their EPIC fruit juice lineup – Harrismith Apple and Pink Lemonade. I am not someone to shamelessly punt products that i don’t believe in, so you need to trust me when i say that this company is one worth supporting. They’re a proudly South African company run by 3 brothers and their “sister from another mister”. They are all passionate about their business and making sure that they produce a quality product as well as a sustainable one.

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Neon Run JHB – Competition

Neon Run is heading to Jozi on the 17th of May 2014! Essentially is a 5km fun run/walk/crawl/prance, through different glow zones, and will end in a crazy music festival with: Chris Taylor, Dean Fuel, ShortStraw, The Kiffness and DODGY UNCLE Roger Goode!


Besides the awesome music, there will be fire and poi dancers, food stalls and (of course) a fully stocked bar, with loads of place to sit down, relax, and rest your weary legs.

Colourful glowing paint and glow sticks will be available at the event, and remember to wear any colours that glow, like neon and whites. There’ll be spot prizes on the day including a weekend away at the Fire & Ice 4 Star Hotel and other giveaways.


All you have to do to win a set of double tickets to Neon Run in JHB is tweet the following:

Hey @StephanieBe, I’m ready to get my glow on in Jozi this weekend at @NeonRunSA! Details:

Booty Cuties

It’s about time that i dedicate a gallery every now and again to girl bums. Even as a girl, i appreciate a good ass. Boobs are great, but for the most part – you have no control over your boobs, unless you pay for new ones… but HOT asses take HARD work! So appreciate the hard work that these booty cuties have gone through:

Jimmy Fallon, Seth Rogen & Zac Efron As Teenage Girls

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is possibly the funniest thing you’ll see this week! Jimmy Fallon ropes in Seth Rogen and Zac Efron to help him do a bit of a parody of Nickolodeon Teen shows.

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 3.57.00 PM

The weirdest thing about this entire sketch, is that Zac Efron actually makes the most unbelievable teen girl… Seth and Jimmy are sort of believable somehow. You’d think Seth Rogen’s lush beard and deep voice (that he doesn’t even attempt to change) would make him seem less like your average white girl, but it really is Zac Efron’s arms that scream, “I am a fully grown man dressed in drag as a teenage girl.”

The funniest parts are when the threesome try to keep it together when the “step-dad” comes downstairs… and Jimmy Fallon’s strange teen girl accent.