Maddie Ziegler In Chandelier Music Video

My job essentially revolves around music, so I spend a crazy amount of time listening to music and watching music videos. I’ve been playing this particular track on my show for a few months already, and when the music video launched, i was pretty keen to see what she would do. Sia has been doing her music thing for quite a while, she’s written hits for loads of our current pop princesses, and she is juuuuuust starting to gain commercial appeal herself. She’s an unusual human, quirky and performance-shy. So it didn’t really strike me as odd when i saw that she wasn’t actually starring in her new music video herself.

Little did i know, that after watching this music video, i would be sucked into a world that i don’t think i’ll ever escape from. The little star in the music video is Maddie Ziegler, who is a brilliant dancer. As soon as i watched her perform with such maturity and emotion, i was obsessed. It didn’t take long to find out that Sia actually asked her because Sia herself is addicted to Maddie’s reality show (Dance Moms), much like i am now.


If you watch this video and are not moved by her performance, you are dead inside:

Sia and Maddie then performed the song live on Ellen, and it is just too good. Sia doesn’t perform facing the crowd, which adds to the creepy mental asylum feel:



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