FoodWineDesign Review

After making some readers extremely happy with tickets to the event, and hampers full of locally crafted goodies – i was looking forward to going and checking it out myself. I was expecting something a little different than what i found. I thought it’d be more like a craft fair with a bit of food on the side… but the best way i can describe it is like this:

if Biscuit Mill/Neighbourgoods + a Wine Tasting Show + Design Indaba had a baby, it would be the Sanlam Food Wine Design Show!


There was SO much wine, and SO much food… and even more awesome design by locals. I bought myself an awesome hat from Simon & Mary who must be some sort of hat wizards!


Even the rain couldn’t put a dampener on things – it all went ahead without a glitch despite the Jozi downpour. The fair was so ridiculously busy that even the streets surrounding Hyde Park Mall were parked full! I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store for next year!


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