Win Windhoek! Whoop!

As you guys may, or may not know, I like beer. Like a lot. I drink quite a bit of it in my social time and would say that it’s one of my favourite pastimes… Especially if there’s a game on.

When I moved to South Africa I made a point of trying all the local beers, and while Windhoek isn’t local to SA so to speak, it is African, and it’s a beer that I actually really liked.

So, when I was asked to offer you guys (my lovely followers) the chance to win some free Windhoek, I naturally jumped at the chance!

Windhoek Draught

#PureBeerOClock is the campaign, and winning free beer is the game. It’s also dead simple to enter, so it’s literally open to anyone with a mouth to drink through.

The guys at Windhoek are promoting the idea of a Pure Beer Society, something that I can personally get behind, as well as the idea of tradition, something displayed hugely in the fact that Windhoek Beer is still made in the original German Reinheitsgebot brewing tradition. They’re so proud of it that the promise of purity is proudly displayed on every Windhoek bottle and can.

Basically, if you want to stand a chance of winning a Windhoek Draught hamper that includes a t-shirt, a 6-pack, and an awesome wooden Mancraft crate to store them in, then just tell me what year Windhoek was formed in! (HINT: It may be visible on the bottle)

To enter, you can tweet me (@YesWeCrann) with the answer and the #PureBeerOClock hashtag, and then wait and see. The more times you enter, the better your chances.

Alternatively, and to increase your chances of winning, simply comment on this blog post with the answer, and I’ll select three potential winners at random, with the eventual winner being selected by the big bosses at Windhoek :) Easy peasy!

The new Windhoek Draught comes in a (huge) 440ml bottle, a 660ml sharing pack, as well as 440ml can pack.
 Meaning we get more buzz for our buck :)

Good luck folks!

Don’t forget to check out Windhoek’s slick Facebook page here.

As they aptly put it, “Windhoek has made a commitment to brewing 100% Pure Beer. This means we’ve had to say NO to cheaper, easier, faster ways of brewing beer.”

Sweet! :D

Joe Crann


  1. Windhoek is actually nice,was formed in 1920,I actually like how it tastes.Purely and patiently brewed.

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