100 Years Of Beauty

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Watch this timelapse video of a model sitting through hair & makeup spanning the past 100 years. It must have taken them ages, but the results are pretty cool. It’s amazing how drastically someone’s look can change just from a different makeup style. The 80’s and 90’s were a dark time in terms of beauty i think – blue eyeshadow. No, just no.

I like the 1940’s makeup the most, and 2010’s hair… how about you?

Topless Tuesday – 9 December

Guest Editor – gevaaalik.com

I love the female form. It’s a love I share with my audience on gevaaalik.com. It’s also a a love that I get a lot of grief for. Luckily I’m not one that lets myself be put off by a bunch of silly people who accuse me of objectifying women by posting “disembodied bums” (this is not a joke, a woman accused me of that, her words) on gevaaalik.com.

When Stephanie agreed to let me take charge of the Topless Tuesday, it was a challenge that I accepted with a huge grin on my face. I can’t explain to anyone why I think boobs are so great. All I know is that even though I’ve seen a lot of them, yet I never get tired of them.
So here goes, my attempt at a Topless Tuesday. I hope that my selection lives up the high standard that Stephanie has built here on her site. Let me know what you think of my choices in comments or hit me up on Twitter at @gevaaalikdotcom