An Office With More Cats Than People

Ever wanted to work in an office where there are more cats than people? I know i would like to! This video is just ridiculously adorable and shows you what life would be like if you shared your workspace with a herd of cute cats.

If you’re wondering where this amazingness is happening… it’s in Amsterdam. Obviously it had to be Holland. It’s the offices of Poopy Cat who produce disposable cat litter boxes and are starting to produce cat boxes for cats who want to, well, play in boxes… as cats are want to do.

If you find yourself in Amsterdam, they encourage people to come by and visit and give the office cats a bit of a scratch and tickle.

Does this not look amazing?

2Cellos Remake Muse “Hysteria” Inside Insane Asylum

2CELLOS AKA Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser have a been doing awesome remakes of popular songs on their cellos for a while now – and this latest arrangement sees them taking on ‘Hysteria’ by Muse. To add to the feeling of the song, the video was filmed at a real mental hospital in Pula, Croatia.

For best results, listen to this video in at least 720p… i’d recommend headphones too if you have them available. Anything less than 720p doesn’t do the sound justice.

Ultra Music Festival Fence Jumpers

Apparently the biggest issue that music festivals overseas face is “fence jumpers.” I can’t help but think that this wouldn’t really be a problem in SA – we have an extraordinary amount of security at festivals, and our security are ruthless… they will take a mother fluffer down!

This first video was taken when there was literally a tidal wave of jumpers breaching the gate… i can imagine them all screaming “THIS. IS. SPARTA!” as they make it over.

Check these cheeky dudes jumping over the fence. See, mom… parkour is good for something!

Music To Get You Through The Week

Seeing as music is such a massive part of my life – it’s a little strange that i rarely write about it or share it here on my blog. As much as music is probably the biggest part of my life, it’s also a source of great frustration. There is so much judgment surrounding the music that people like to listen to and what it “means” about them. Trance fans are druggies, pop fans are prepubescent or vapid, metal fans are creepy and live with their parents, dubstep and trap fans are boets/boytjies, indie fans are hipsters, commercial rock fans are even more vapid than their closely related pop fan counterparts, etc.

I find the pigeonholing ridiculous – there are very few music genres that i dislike. No, i’m not indecisive. I have artists rather than genres that i am obsessed with, regardless of whether the artist is excessively popular or barely known. When i listen to a relatively unheard of artist i don’t feel like some musically superior special snowflake. No one should ever make you feel kak or like you’re less of a ‘real music fan’ if you’ve never heard of some crazy underground indie-trap-dreampop-grunge-core band. Whatever. Don’t pay them no mind.

Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 11.55.52 PM

Music is intensely personal. Different kinds of music and a crazy mix of artists have gotten me through some pretty rough times, and also been the playlist to some pretty epic adventures! In that spirit – i thought i’d share some of my favourites that have been released over the last little while.

Click “continue reading” if you’re looking to maybe expand your playlist a little :) Music from: Purity Ring, Ed Sheeran & Rudimental, The Wombats, Racing Glaciers, Zedd & Selena Gomez, PVRIS, Fences, Black Tiger Sex Machine & Haezer.

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Ultimate X 2015 – WIN!

Ultimate X is going to be bigger and badder this year than it ever has before! The venue change means that the size of the event is going to blow your mind. You can still expect the best in local and international athletes at Ultimate X’s new home: Grand Arena, GrandWest Casino on the 27th and 28th February 2015.

You might already be familiar with this extreme sports event as it’s already in its 6th installment! If you’re an Ultimate X newbie though, you can expect some insane showcases, stunts and competitions in: FMX, BMX and Skate. This year they’ll be competing for a prize of over R150 000.

ult x 1

The 2015 festival brings with it a fresh flair as the Grand Arena is transformed into Africa’s first indoor, floodlit, pyrotechnical lazer extreme sport showdown. When asked about the 2015 event, Ultimate X Owner and Master Mind Markus Museler said, “We are stoked to be taking Ultimate X into the Grand Arena as this is going to change the face of Action Sports in South Africa. Spectators will experience a never before seen Indoor Action Sport BLOWOUT with, as always, Africa’s Best Skate and BMX Park. There are limited seats available so be sure to get yours now!”

Doors open at 18:00 and close at 22:00. Pre-purchased tickets are available at Computicket ranging from R150 – R250. Children under 10 years old – tickets range from R100 – R175. Tickets will also be made available at the gate and food and full bar services will be available with ample parking.

For more details, visit:


The rad dudes from Ultimate X have given me a pretty amazing hamper, worth +/- R1,750 to give-away to one lucky reader [merchandise from SkullCandy/NESS, Sprite, Sessions and Red Bull] which also includes 2 full weekend passes for you and a friend to join the fun!

Make sure you have joined the event on Facebook [here] and liked the Ultimate X FB page!


Step 1 – Follow @Ultimate_X_ on Twitter

Step 2 – Tweet:

It’s almost @Ultimate_X_ 2015 time! WIN a R1,750 hamper & double tickets with @StephanieBe. Enter here: #UltimateX

#Barliament needs the language of PARTY

Earlier this week I posted a picture and a blog post with an image showing some of our most “well-known” political dudes and dudettes in a pretty unusual situation. In light of last week’s #SONA2015 it was even more of a surprise that pictures surfaced depicting Helen Zille, Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, and an unidentified figure getting along famously with Juju playing along as the sand mermaid. SAND MERMAID! Hahaha. Sorry, i just feel like we should probably call him that from now onwards…

zuma unbranded

On further investigation it turns out that the mystery man is in fact the Honourable TOPS Minister of Parties and Recreation. As usual the minister was doing what he does best, encouraging everyone to party-cipate.

In fact the TOPS Department of Parties and Recreation has the most important job in the country… to unite the nation under one language everyone can understand. A language called PARTY. Unlike the State of the Nation Address, PARTY was created by the people for the people and chronicled in the Drinktionary.

zuma branded


You can help to unite the nation by insisting that Parliament make PARTY SA’s 12th official language. Sign the petition here.

The language that brings parties together.

Topless Tuesday… sort of

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that every Tuesday I go on a scavenger hunt of sorts across the net to find some of the very best images that will hopefully help you get through an otherwise boring work day. On my hunt this week – i found something that i don’t think i’ll ever be able to unsee!

Today, i present to you, the perfect Topless Tuesday. Make your own assumptions as to what is going on here… HAHA!