Skrillex – Doompy Poomp

One of the most anticipated album releases of 2014 was Skrillex’s “Recess”. Reviews by music critics from all over were extremely mixed; some said that he made a mistake by straying from his beloved dubstep, and others said that they thought he did the right thing by expanding his repertoire and stepping out of his “musical comfort zone.” Regardless of what you thought about the album, Skrillex has always had a knack for the weird and wonderful and “Doompy Poomp” is one of those songs.

This is what was said about the music video for his latest single:

As a special Groundhog Day treat, Skrillex has teamed up with The Creators Project for the collaborative video of his unclassifiable song “Doompy Poomp” off his Recess album. The video was made by imaginative French directors Fleur & Manu and follows a man’s attempt at getting a home loan, but quickly escalates into a hilarious and repetitive alter dimension.

Topless Tuesday 3 Feb 2015

I’ve recently stumbled upon a few top quality sources for Topless Tuesday, as it started to get a little hard to find the kind of pictures that i enjoy looking at, because over the past year countless “nude” sites across multiple platforms have been shut down. I was starting to think that i was going to run out of hot boob pics – but after a recent scavenger hunt across the net, i have found a new fountain of the stuff i’m into. So Topless Tuesday continues!

I am also now in possession of a record number of self shots… thank you ;) So i think this is going to be a good year.

As per usual though – if you are not over the age of 18, do not click expand on this gallery as it contains nudity and NSFW images.

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