#Barliament needs the language of PARTY

Earlier this week I posted a picture and a blog post with an image showing some of our most “well-known” political dudes and dudettes in a pretty unusual situation. In light of last week’s #SONA2015 it was even more of a surprise that pictures surfaced depicting Helen Zille, Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, and an unidentified figure getting along famously with Juju playing along as the sand mermaid. SAND MERMAID! Hahaha. Sorry, i just feel like we should probably call him that from now onwards…

zuma unbranded

On further investigation it turns out that the mystery man is in fact the Honourable TOPS Minister of Parties and Recreation. As usual the minister was doing what he does best, encouraging everyone to party-cipate.

In fact the TOPS Department of Parties and Recreation has the most important job in the country… to unite the nation under one language everyone can understand. A language called PARTY. Unlike the State of the Nation Address, PARTY was created by the people for the people and chronicled in the Drinktionary.

zuma branded


You can help to unite the nation by insisting that Parliament make PARTY SA’s 12th official language. Sign the petition here.

The language that brings parties together.

Joe Crann

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