An Office With More Cats Than People

Ever wanted to work in an office where there are more cats than people? I know i would like to! This video is just ridiculously adorable and shows you what life would be like if you shared your workspace with a herd of cute cats.

If you’re wondering where this amazingness is happening… it’s in Amsterdam. Obviously it had to be Holland. It’s the offices of Poopy Cat¬†who produce disposable cat litter boxes and are starting to produce cat boxes for cats who want to, well, play in boxes… as cats are want to do.

If you find yourself in Amsterdam, they encourage people to come by and visit and give the office cats a bit of a scratch and tickle.

Does this not look amazing?

2Cellos Remake Muse “Hysteria” Inside Insane Asylum

2CELLOS AKA Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser have a been doing awesome remakes of popular songs on their cellos for a while now – and this latest arrangement sees them taking on ‘Hysteria’ by Muse. To add to the feeling of the song, the video was filmed at a real mental hospital in Pula, Croatia.

For best results, listen to this video in at least 720p… i’d recommend headphones too if you have them available. Anything less than 720p doesn’t do the sound justice.