2 Chainz Meets a R1,2M Dog in “Most Expensivest Sh*t”

In the latest episode of GQ’s YouTube series “Most Expensivest Sh*t”, 2 Chainz took a trip to Los Angeles to meet some of the “best bulldogs on the planet.” After hanging out with a pair of puppies, both of which are worth upwards of R100,000, the rapper gets to meet an adorable French Bulldog called “Micro Machine”, who has a price tag of over R1 million, and has bred over half a million DOLLARS worth of puppies.

I hate to say this… but 2 Chainz is actually hella funny. I’m not sure if he’s aware of his excellent comedic timing, or if he is totally unaware of the fact that he could very well be a darn funny tv host of sorts.

I literally laughed out loud at the “Thug Life” part! Check it out:

2 Chainz really likes dogs, but would he actually drop 100 stacks on a puppy? Maybe—if it knows how to bathe and feed itself and it’ll live forever. See what happens when the rapper visits a bulldog breeder who charges top dollar for premium pups.

Best Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart Interview By Aussie Dude

The Footy Show star Beau Ryan got the chance to chat to Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart ahead of their new film release. Beau, being an Australian, decided to do things a little differently and challenged the two guys to an all-Australian quiz, the punishment for wrong answers being eating a spoon of Vegemite. If you’ve never had Vegemite – consider yourself lucky.

The result is pretty funny, as you can imagine. Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart seem totally game for anything and their facial expressions do say it all.