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It’s that time of the football season again when we reach crescendo. Trophies are lifted, targets are achieved, tears are shed and lots of money is made by those that come out on top. There’s a reason that we call it the ‘Business End’ of the season.

One thing that I love about South Africa is the football coverage that we get here. SuperSport bring us practically every league that matters, and you can legitimately plonk yourself down in front of the television on a Saturday morning and not leave until it’s dark. The coverage is that vast.

Now, with Kaizer Chiefs, Chelsea, Barcelona and Juventus all having completed their Quest for the Title, the battle is on to claim the highest league finish possible in the Hunt for Qualification, or to make sure that you beat the Drop for Relegation.

I’ve genuinely enjoyed watching this season, whether it be Chiefs’ ridiculous unbeaten run, Chelsea’s tactical mastersclasses or the sheer beauty of Barcelona at their best, and no doubt there are more twists to come.

It’s going to be an interesting few weeks in the football world, and SuperSport have got you covered every inch of the way, because Every Moment Matters.

Every Moment Matters

The amazing guys over at SuperSport have created a very cool little microsite (that you can check out here) which will help you relive some of the most exciting moments in recent football history, and give you a bit of a taste of what you can expect on their channels as the season draws to a close. Do yourselves a favour and go take a look :)

My Final Predictions:
Champions League – Barcelona
Europa League – Sevilla
FA Cup – Arsenal
Copa del Rey – Barcelona

I’m a Sheffield Wednesday fan, and our season is already over, so for me it’s perfect to sit myself down as a neutral, and watch the best team win. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing over the next couple of weeks, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be joining me.

“Football on SuperSport, in a league of its own..”

Joe Crann

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