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As long as i can remember, when music went digital, so did the piracy. Digital music pirating got its first big start with Napster, and this was almost purely because the music industry just couldn’t keep up with the changes, and were stuck in the past specifically with regards to distributing the music.

However, in 2015 we have the option of cheap alternatives to illegal download services… and for the first time in the history f the music industry online music streaming has actually become a viable option! In all honesty, the way streaming works these days it’s actually so much easier to just stream rather than try and find a reliable torrent (and run the risk of being caught).

The only streaming service that has taken an active interest in the South African market is: Deezer. They have acknowledged (along with the help of Vodacom) that we have different needs down here ;) Deezer worldwide has 16 million monthly active users! Deezer also has a whopping 35 million tracks in its library which are available in more than 182 countries. Those are some seriously impressive numbers.

If you ever felt overwhelmed by the idea of music streaming, or maybe you were concerned about the cost… don’t worry. I’m here to clear that up for you a bit, and to show you what Deezer is actually all about.

Essentially Deezer is a subscription service that allows you to listen to tracks across loads of different devices. You can also listen to music in online mode (streaming) or in offline mode (where you download and sync to your device). Here is the coolest part: there is NO limit to the number of tracks you can listen to or sync to your phone/ipad/whatever!

 I love it because i don’t have to worry about storage space on my phone anymore! I have an unlimited library of music available to me inside of Deezer! You can also make your own playlists for every occasion – a chill playlist, roadtrip, party, work out, sleep, etc. The quality is also extremely good, so you don’t have to be concerned that it won’t sound great.

Screen shot 2015-05-27 at 12.17.36 AM
A really awesome aspect of Deezer is that it actually learns your music taste! So the more you use the app, the better suggestions it will make and you will be discovering brand new artists to fall in love with (which happens to me daily!)

In the spirit sharing, discovering and enjoying music, i thought i’d put my own little playlist together!

These are my May 2015 Songs On Repeat:

Lower Than Atlantis – Words Don’t Come So Easy

Oh Honey – I Love You Will Still Sound The Same

Twenty One Pilots – Tear In My Heart

Awolnation – I Am

Jack Ü ft Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now

Robin Schulz ft Ilsey – Headlights

PVRIS – My House

Purity Ring – Push Pull

Zedd ft Selena Gomez – I Want You To Know


Taylor Swift – Tim McGraw (for this track i went into the archives and dug up her first single. This was from her very first album, and the first album i imported to South Africa because it wasn’t stocked locally. It’s super “country” which would explain why it probably wasn’t available here.)


Even if you’re still a little unsure of the app, just download it and give it a try, you have nothing to lose… and about 35million songs to gain! You’ll get 2 months free subscription if you follow this link –



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