Deezer – Take 35 Million Songs With You

I’ve put together a little playlist to get you through the next week, when you find a spare 30min, check it out and take a listen :)

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If you’re keen on downloading the app and checking it out for yourself, follow this link: DEEZER

A little while back i did a post on a music streaming app called Deezer, which is a service that allows you to listen to a massive library of music across loads of different devices. You have the option of an online mode (streaming) or an offline mode (where you download and sync to your device). Here is the coolest part: there is NO limit to the number of tracks you can listen to or sync to your phone/ipad/whatever!

I also mentioned that Deezer is the only streaming service that has taken an active interest in the South African market. They have acknowledged (along with the help of Vodacom) that we have different needs down here :) It’s also super impressive to note that Deezer worldwide also has 16 million users, and is available in 182 countries. Those are some seriously impressive numbers.


I mentioned that Deezer have a pretty sweet deal running with Vodacom at the moment – you can get an extra 250 MB for only R20 to listen to Deezer for the month. The data usage definitely isn’t as insane as i thought it would be – in fact it works out a lot more economical than trying to play new music via Youtube on my phone.

I have mentioned this before, but it bears saying again: yes, there are other streaming services available… but honestly, Deezer is the best. The data deal they have with Vodacom is great, it’s super easy to use, and it looks great. Deezer also learns your music taste over time, and starts recommending more and more music that it knows you’ll love! One of my favourite features that it also has, is the song lyric addition… i’m one of those people that likes to get the lyrics 100% right, so it’s perfect for me <3 Check it out below… you’re lucky i didn’t decide to rickroll you ;)

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that music streaming is how we’ll be consuming music more and more in the coming years. Yes, we’ll still go out and buy the physical albums of the artists we love, but not every song you like is a song that you want to go out and specifically buy. This way you have a one-stop-shop for pretty much every single song under the sun, and you also have a way of discovering brand new music.



If you’re keen on downloading the app and checking it out for yourself, follow this link: DEEZER


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