Make Every Week-end A Week-ginning

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I’m a firm believer in trying to take mini-breaks and weekend getaways throughout the year, I have this persistent/nagging desire to explore every single inch of our beautiful country. I’m lucky that I had parents who also had similar ideas because some of my best memories as a kid is when we piled into a car and drove off to some new and interesting town. I remember my parents always trying to take the back roads as often as we could… yes, we might have gotten lost, but we got to see parts of the country that only the locals knew about.

Organising a weekend away or a mini-break in South Africa is cheaper and easier than you think! I use a few different websites to find the cheapest flights, and Bidvest Car Rental really bring their A-game when it comes to speeding up the rental process so you can hit the road a lot quicker and get your adventure underway.

If you’re a Youtube regular, you might have come across an adorable new ad from Bidvest Car Rental that reminded me how important it is to prioritise these little trips, and that they also don’t have to be planned weeks in advance. I always stress about the tiniest details, but sometimes it’s good for the soul to just fly somewhere new, get in a car and drive off into the sunset. The little boy who they hired to be the voice of their new campaign is just too adorable for words, and he lays some serious truths down too.

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The message centres around making every minute count, which is something i think we can all do with hearing every now and again. It’s easy to become wrapped up in work, and then use the weekends to vegetate on the couch and watch series (which is great) but when you’re old and grey are you going to remember that one episode of Scream Queens, or are you going to remember the times you left the comfort of your home to go and explore?

Recently Joe and i went to the Eastern Cape for a weekend away and decided to take the backroads from P.E to Graaff-Reinet… 8 hours later we arrived. We got horribly lost and ended up on a mountain pass that looked like it hadn’t seen a car in a century, but even at the time we saw the funny side of it all and just enjoyed seeing a side of the country that we never otherwise would have. This might sound weird, but i love the idea of renting a car when going on holiday because you have the freedom to do whatever you want… if i feel like i’d rather drive down this dirt road to see if i can find an awesome sunset, then i want to be able to do that. It’s the only way to make every weekend a holiday ;)

It’s also worth mentioning that Bidvest Car Rental are running a competition where you can win a weekend car rental by sharing your own South African holiday/destination/adventure stories! Head to Twitter and use the tag: #EveryMinuteCounts – super simple!

If you want to watch their cute ad, check it out:

5yr Old Slays System Of A Down

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Meet Eduarda Henklein, she’s only 5 years old, but absolutely nailed this drum cover of System Of A Down’s “Chop Suey.” Halfway through the song she actually starts mouthing the words to it too… it is just too cute for words!

System of a Down should take her to a concert and let her drum this song for them one time. That would be epic!

Drunk Girls Get Surprised With Puppies & More!

I would like to start this off by asking how one goes by getting a job at Buzzfeed? Seriously. These videos are too much for me, they get to play with kittens and puppies, and try candy from around the world, they go on ghost hunting missions, it just seems like a jol all the time.

In their latest video they decided to give drunk girls puppies, and as you can imagine, there were tears. My favourite quote of the whole video is when one of the particularly emotional girls says “”I shouldn’t have drunk whiskey, i cant protect them.” Too funny. In all honesty though, i literally cried while watching this video… i mean, i wasn’t drunk, and i was only watching a video of other people getting to play with puppies. If they had gotten me drunk, i probably would’ve straight up stolen all of them and just walked out.