Oh Wonder – Lose It

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London-based duo Oh Wonder make some beautiful music together, and their latest music video is beyond sweet. They held a fake casting for their new music video where dancers had to come in and perform for them, but the casting was the actual video too. Midway through their routines, the backdrop fell, and the dancers were surprised with confetti canons and an entire line of backup dancers with massive pale pink balls.

These poor dancers who were auditioning for the music video had no idea what was going on, but being performers, it didn’t take them too long to just sort of get into it and go with the flow. I found myself beaming throughout the entire music video because you could see that even though their audition didn’t go to plan, and they had a pretty serious curve ball thrown at them, they just sort of embraced it and it ended up being beautiful. It’s possible that i’m reading too much into this, but i feel like it’s a great metaphor for life… we can’t always  control what’s going on around us, and what other people do, but we can always control our own actions… if you’re willing to adjust your course in the face of serious and uncomfortable change, something amazing could be waiting on the other side.

Oh Wonder – Lose It

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailers

If you follow Game Of Thrones on Twitter then you might have seen that they were asking fans of to declare their “allegiance” to one of three houses by using a hashtag, as the votes came in, each of the top houses was ‘awarded’ a short promo video. Just FYI, Team Stark is obviously winning. Game Of Thrones Season 6 doesn’t seem like it’s going to calm down at all.

If you chose House Lannister, this is what you got: “Every one of us is poor powerless. And yet, together we can overthrow an empire.”

For House Stark, it’s a dark and stormy “Winter Is Coming” kind of night… Ramsay Bolton declares “Winterfell is mine, come and see!” Er, no thanks.

Those still clinging on to Daenerys’ Mother Of Dragons Iron Throne claim get absolutely no hope in the video: “You are nobody, the millionth of your name, Queen of Nothing.” Wow!

And just in case you need a reminder of the trailer that dropped last month: