22 April 2014 – Topless Tuesday

It’s Tuesday – and you know what that means; it’s time to take our tops off! The amateur section is back again, study the pics because you never know who you might be looking at ;)

Lastly… this is VERY NSFW! By scrolling down and/or clicking on the gallery, you acknowledge that you are over 18.

Amateur Section! Submissions welcome.

Bubble Football (Boblefotball) – Hit ‘Em Hard

I like to think of myself as a football purist. It’s the game that I love and the game that earns me my paycheck at the end of every month. However, I may have discovered an even better sport…

Boblefotball (bubble football) in action...

Boblefotball in action…

I think I’m pretty late to the party with this one, but Boblefotball could be the greatest sport ever invented. Continue Reading

Who Cares The Most? – A Football Experiment

How often have you heard people say, “These players don’t care, where’s their passion!?” Well, Barclays heard that claim, so they did a little experiment.

Robert Pires & John Aldridge try out the #YouAreFootball heart rate monitors.

Robert Pires & John Aldridge try out the #YouAreFootball heart rate monitors.

Barclays’ little experiment involved taking a few Premier League superfans, some in their English hometowns and some thousands of miles away in South Africa, and kitting them up with a heart-rate monitor ahead of a big football game. Continue Reading

#ToplessTuesday 15 April

Welcome to the first OFFICIAL Topless Tuesday post of 2014! I hope you enjoy this gallery as much i did when i put it together. I’m also pretty happy to announce the return of the amateur section. Once again you’ll have to study the pics, because you never know who you might be looking at ;)


Lastly… this is VERY NSFW! By scrolling down and/or clicking on the gallery, you acknowledge that you are over 18.

The return of the amateurs!

US Airways Model Airplane Disaster

Today in reasons why you should always pay your community/social media manager a good salary and treat them really really well: a photo of a model airplane inserted into a vagina was tweeted by the US Airway Twitter account. No word yet as to whether is was a disgruntled employee or a hacker or both. You can view the full, extremely NSFW image here.

As you can imagine, US Airways is very sorry…


Continue Reading

Cory and Topanga Reunited

Mere words CANNOT convey how irrationally excited i am at Cory & Topanga being reunited on my tv screen! If you don’t know who Cory & Topanga are, then you are either way too young to be on this blog in the first place, or you’re too old… or possibly you had a wasted childhood, and no heart. Or you’re foreign.

I will save time here and tell you to rather just go and Wiki “Boy Meets World.” They’ve switched it around for 2014, and the follow up tv series is called “Girl Meets World”. Cory and Topanga, still the cutest couple in town, are raising their teenager, Riley. Riley tries to navigate growing up in New York City — alongside her own Shawn Hunter-type BFF — while Cory and Topanga brave the world of parenting.

Here’s the trailer:

Note: If you were a fan of the old series, you might be disappointed in this “remake.” It’s a bit too fluffy Disney vibes… the original series was more “real”. This is more Hannah Montana, where the old one was more That 70′s Show.

Lets Get Social!

You’re going to need at least a minute or two to emotionally and mentally prepare yourself for what you are about to witness. In short, i think this video perfectly summarizes why people in social media who use words like, “social media guru” to describe themselves, are so widely hated and ridiculed. Every now and again we see an online campaign that is executed so poorly that you have to wonder whether the ‘gurus’ behind it actually have access to the internet… maybe they’re writing songs like this instead.

PS: It gets really good when the bald guy starts rapping… force yourself to watch the entire thing, it’s worth it. This went down at the Social Media Marketing World conference! All together now, “SOCIAL!”

The worst part has to be the comments section on Youtube. A couple of people who attended the conference are commenting under the video… one old lady even HASHTAGGED #THEBOMB. She works in fucking social media… i cannot even right now. DO YOU EVEN INTERNET?