PH Fat “Lights Out” ft Jungfreud

These guys are just ridiculously talented beyond words. I have a lot of time for the dudes from PH Fat, and just as much time for my girly girl Jungfreud (you might know her as ‘Nonku’ from some sick Crazy White Boy tracks). Here is the music video for their latest single, and it is DAMN good.

As a people of earth, as the people of South Africa, as people of the UNIVERSE – this is the music we deserve.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge FAILS

Regardless of what you think about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, this FAIL compilation is amazing! I am genuinely surprised at the amount of people that don’t know how to use a bucket, a good portion of them also don’t seem to understand gravity either. Enjoy these EPIC ALS Ice Bucket Challenge FAILS!


Hump This – 20 August 2014

I do a lot for the brothers & sisters that are particularly fond of boobs, in the form of Topless Tuesday. Every now and again, i also like to show appreciation for butts… the ass is a mystical thing. If you have a nice bum, chances are that you have worked damn hard to get it.

Nicki Minaj also released the video for her new single “Anaconda” today, so i thought it’d only be right to dedicate a gallery to asses. Music Video also included for good measure…

As usual… this is #NSFW and for those over the age of 18. Click continue for the gallery:

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Weekend Viral Video Roundup

Too busy having a life this weekend? Good! Well, let me help you catch up on some of the funniest/wtf viral videos from the internet this weekend. Scroll down for the “Fails Of The Week” video too!

1.) If Grumpy Cat Was A Human -

This dude just won $15.3 million in a poker tournament (the 2nd highest prize ever won in poker history) and looks like he was just told that he will have to have one of his testicles removed. The very definition of poker-face.

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How The Sun Sees You

Living in Africa, we’ve heard warnings about the sun our entire lives. In school we had talks about skin cancer and the importance of wearing sunblock every single day. Every single beauty article about preventing wrinkles says that sunblock is the key… yet in ALL of my life, i have never been so shocked into wanting to wear sunblock. I already am quite fastidious with my skincare, i don’t have the greatest skin. So my daily moisturizer does have an SPF in it… but after watching this – it is NOT enough.

Seriously though. I am not your teacher or your mom or your Doctor. But do me one favour, and watch this video all the way until the end. I got such a shock at one point, i actually gasped!

So yeah… Baz Luhrmann was bloody right. WEAR SUNCREEN!

Prancercise Lady Is Back!

Prancercise lady Joanna Rohrback is back, and this time she has a equally deranged-looking friend with her. In this video, the creator of “Prancercise”, “a springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation,” explores “the potential of getting fit along with a partner; in a preferred environment; and even alongside preferred animals.”

This video takes Prancercise to the next level – in both humour and exercise.

And if this, ladies and gentlemen, won’t rock you to the core, then you are just dead inside.

Screen shot 2014-08-12 at 12.53.08 AM