Bafana Bafana At The Movies – AFCON 2015

On January 17th the 2015 African Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea will begin. Bafana Bafana go into this tournament not having only qualified, but done so without losing a single game in qualification. An incredible feat for Shakes Mashaba’s men.

I try not to take life too seriously, and for that reason I decided to use my ‘creative’ talents to rework a few movie titles in honour of the South African national team and some of their players.

Bafana XI

Bafana XI

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Get Some Brand New Kicks With Shelflife!


If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram then you’ll know how much I love my trainers. I would wear crappy clothes for the rest of my life if it meant I could rock the latest pair of Air Max every day, but let’s be honest, our wallets don’t always agree.

Shelflife, I’m sure, don’t need any introduction. They’re the best place to go to if you want the most recent releases in South Africa, whether it’s Nike, Adidas or whoever that tickles your fancy. It’s no coincidence that Kendrick Lamar and Chris Brown have stopped in not so long ago. Continue Reading

Win Windhoek! Whoop!

As you guys may, or may not know, I like beer. Like a lot. I drink quite a bit of it in my social time and would say that it’s one of my favourite pastimes… Especially if there’s a game on.

When I moved to South Africa I made a point of trying all the local beers, and while Windhoek isn’t local to SA so to speak, it is African, and it’s a beer that I actually really liked.

So, when I was asked to offer you guys (my lovely followers) the chance to win some free Windhoek, I naturally jumped at the chance!

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Your Chance To Dine With Pirates & United Legends!

Manchester LegendsI do a lot of giveaways online, as many as I can to be honest, but it’s usually tickets or games or jerseys and stuff… This time around I’ve got some PROPER prizes for you lovely, lovely people.

As you may know, later this month (The 15th to be exact) a team of Manchester United legends will be locking horns with their counterparts from Orlando Pirates at Ellis Park Stadium as they attempt to roll back the years. Continue Reading

Do Your Bit With KFC, Add Hope…

Add Hope's beneficiaries...

Add Hope’s beneficiaries…

Fast food chains get a bad rap around the world, but KFC’s Add Hope campaign is something that I think plenty of companies in general can aspire to.

They’ve raised a whopping R210 million (and rising!) over the last six years, and KFC’s Add Hope currently feeds over 70 000 children every month, through 90 carefully selected national and community beneficiaries. I mean come on, that’s impressive hey? Continue Reading

FIFA 15 – The Best Players – All You Need To Know

The wait is over… FIFA 15 is on the shelves worldwide and it’s time for us to forsake our school, work and relationships in order to knuckle down in our new job as football managers.

In this blog post I’ve collated all of the best players in FIFA 15, the current ones and the future ones, and put them all in one place for you. Basically, I’m doing all the hard work so you don’t have to. Continue Reading

Introducing… Castle Lite Lime

I’m not the sort of manly man that will say no to a flavoured beer or a flavoured cider, I like stuff that tastes nice. Whether it’s the amber nectar or pink and fluorescent, if it’s good, it’s good.

I like Castle Lite, it’s one of South Africa’s many good beers and the ‘Lite’ means that I can feel less fat if I drink more than five of them. Gotta watch my weight ;)

Now, South Africa’s coldest beer brand introduces a new member to the Extra Cold family – Castle Lite Lime.

Castle Lite Lime

Castle Lite Lime

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Goodbye Xbox 360, My Old Friend…

I was 16-years-old and had just got really good results in my GCSE’s… My PS2 had been on it’s arse for a while and I’d been adding up my pound coins waiting for the day when I could afford a new console…

However, a couple of days after my results came out my mum and dad asked a younger version of me, still without facial hair, to go and fetch the shopping out of the car… I begrudgingly did so (it’s a crappy task but when the mother asks, you have to do it). Anyway, my face wasn’t so begrudging when I saw a shiny, new Xbox 360 sat on the backseat that I was then told was mine. Xbox 360 Continue Reading

A Short, Sweet FIFA 15 Demo Review


It’s that time of the year again… That time when children and grown men alike assume the same mental age as the latest issue of the FIFA computer game franchise comes out. And yes, I am one of those grown men.

Having spent approximately eight hours yesterday trying to get my crappy ADSL line to download the FIFA 15 demo, I promptly set about opening it up and getting down to business.

The first thing I noticed is that Lionel Messi’s hair gets slightly less crap every year, so that’s always a good thing. Secondly, and most upsettingly, Sheffield Wednesday aren’t in it. Again. Continue Reading

Youth? What Youth? – A Breakdown Of Bafana’s Footballing Future

Youth development in South Africa, or lack thereof, is often blamed for Bafana Bafana’s failure to win tournaments, as well as the lack of continental trophies making their way to Mzansi. The Bafana coach is urged to field young players in the national team, but how can he show belief in youth if his PSL colleagues, the club coaches, aren’t doing the same? In this feature I looked into how much South African teams believe in their youngsters, and why SuperSport United and Ajax Cape Town are on the right track.Line Continue Reading