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As long as i can remember, when music went digital, so did the piracy. Digital music pirating got its first big start with Napster, and this was almost purely because the music industry just couldn’t keep up with the changes, and were stuck in the past specifically with regards to distributing the music.

However, in 2015 we have the option of cheap alternatives to illegal download services… and for the first time in the history f the music industry online music streaming has actually become a viable option! In all honesty, the way streaming works these days it’s actually so much easier to just stream rather than try and find a reliable torrent (and run the risk of being caught).

The only streaming service that has taken an active interest in the South African market is: Deezer. They have acknowledged (along with the help of Vodacom) that we have different needs down here ;) Deezer worldwide has 16 million monthly active users! Deezer also has a whopping 35 million tracks in its library which are available in more than 182 countries. Those are some seriously impressive numbers.

If you ever felt overwhelmed by the idea of music streaming, or maybe you were concerned about the cost… don’t worry. I’m here to clear that up for you a bit, and to show you what Deezer is actually all about.

Essentially Deezer is a subscription service that allows you to listen to tracks across loads of different devices. You can also listen to music in online mode (streaming) or in offline mode (where you download and sync to your device). Here is the coolest part: there is NO limit to the number of tracks you can listen to or sync to your phone/ipad/whatever!

 I love it because i don’t have to worry about storage space on my phone anymore! I have an unlimited library of music available to me inside of Deezer! You can also make your own playlists for every occasion – a chill playlist, roadtrip, party, work out, sleep, etc. The quality is also extremely good, so you don’t have to be concerned that it won’t sound great.

Screen shot 2015-05-27 at 12.17.36 AM
A really awesome aspect of Deezer is that it actually learns your music taste! So the more you use the app, the better suggestions it will make and you will be discovering brand new artists to fall in love with (which happens to me daily!)

In the spirit sharing, discovering and enjoying music, i thought i’d put my own little playlist together!

These are my May 2015 Songs On Repeat:

Lower Than Atlantis – Words Don’t Come So Easy

Oh Honey – I Love You Will Still Sound The Same

Twenty One Pilots – Tear In My Heart

Awolnation – I Am

Jack Ü ft Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now

Robin Schulz ft Ilsey – Headlights

PVRIS – My House

Purity Ring – Push Pull

Zedd ft Selena Gomez – I Want You To Know


Taylor Swift – Tim McGraw (for this track i went into the archives and dug up her first single. This was from her very first album, and the first album i imported to South Africa because it wasn’t stocked locally. It’s super “country” which would explain why it probably wasn’t available here.)


Even if you’re still a little unsure of the app, just download it and give it a try, you have nothing to lose… and about 35million songs to gain! You’ll get 2 months free subscription if you follow this link –


Create With Canon – Stellenbosch


Canon have been super rad and given me a Canon PowerShot SX600 HS to use over the next few months; snapping some *hopefully* cool pics to give you a look into the things i do, the things i see, and the things i create.

I have never professed to be a masterful photographer – in fact it’s something i do feel like i struggle with. Photography obviously interests me, like it does a lot of people, but i’ve never quite been able to figure out what to do with an actual camera… not just the camera on my phone. The nice thing about the Canon is that it has built in wifi which means that you don’t have to lose the ability to easily and quickly share photos to social media or wherever.

Screen shot 2015-05-26 at 8.06.09 PM

I feel like now is the perfect time to start trying to understand it all… shutter speed, ISO, white balance, etc. I could never be a photographer as a profession, but there’s no reason i shouldn’t be taking amazing photos of all of my adventures! When i’m old and grey, at least i’ll have some relatively decent pics to look back on without it looking like i took them with a potato.

I thought i’d give the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS a go in Stellenbosch when i was down, it’s a naturally pretty town, very photogenic… so i tried my best. For some reason i feel like i can’t get my pics to look “good” though… something just seems off. I know it’s probably to do with my framing or some other technological adjustment i should be making on the camera.

But seriously though… i’m going to be leaving on a pretty epic European holiday in about 2 weeks, so if you have any pointers for me on how i could improve – i’m all ears! The pictures are not edited at all, i wouldn’t even know how or where to start, maybe that’s why i can’t get them looking the way i want them to?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Clarkson, Hammond & May LIVE – Win with KIA On Tour!

Twitter_ClarksonHammondMay_KIA on Tour.jpg

If you follow me on social media, or even know me in real life, you should already know that i have a serious problem when it comes to Top Gear [Clarkson, May & Hammond]. I think i’ve watched every single episode they’ve ever done together more than 7 times each… which might not sound like a lot, but when you consider how many seasons/episodes have been made, that’s a lot of any one thing to watch. I’m not alone in this though, my parents are also equally enamored by these guys. My mom has quite a few DVD box sets and puts Top Gear on whenever there isn’t anything on tv, which is a lot of the time. My dad used to race, so he’s been a proper petrol head for more than 40yrs already, and he loves the combination of banter and car talk.

I don’t want to talk too much about Clarkson’s exit from Top Gear, and Hammond & May following him, because honestly it makes me unbelievably sad and upset.

The good news is that the guys will be in Johannesburg from 12 – 14 June, and if you’ve never seen them live – you are definitely missing out. The good people over at Kia have got a pretty awesome competition going where you could win a set of tickets to the show just by pre-registering for a test-drive! The test drives are happening at the actual event too… so it is super convenient.


I’ve been driving the Kia Soul for the past couple of weeks, and i must say that any sort of pre-conceived ideas i had about Kia were completely pushed aside as soon as i got into the car. This isn’t just lip-service, i genuinely love the car… everything about it suits my lifestyle. I’ve also had a chance to drive the KIa Koup which is just insane, incredibly fast!


Click on this link: Clarkson, Hammond & May LIVE Test Drive and you could win yourself 2 tickets to see them live! AND if you want, test drive one of Kia’s awesome cars that will be on show… what better place to do it than at an entire event dedicated to the awesomeness of cars? :)




Uber has partnered with Massage on the Move  to bring you massages straight to your very own office doorstep in Jozi and Pretoria today, Friday 17th April.

Each booking includes 6 massages for ONLY R200 (all inclusive)! A fleet of therapists will arrive and perform Indian Head and Shoulder Tension Release massages.

How it works:

Open the Uber app today, Friday 17 April 2015, between 10h00 and 16h00 and you will see a lotus icon > Toggle over to the lotus icon > Set your pickup location and tap the “UberRELAX” button to request your therapist! Simple.

Please note:
When a rider requests a massage on-demand, they are booking for six (6) massages at a cost of ONLY R200 (all inclusive) which will last about 45 minutes to an hour in total (15 minutes per massage). You may have less than 6 people but the set cost per booking will be R200. It’d probably also be a good idea to have a meeting room set aside, or an area where the therapists can do the treatments to enjoy your massages in peace and quiet!


South Africa hasn’t always lucky enough to have a extensive choice for people wanting to buy cars to choose from. I remember traveling in Asia (Hong Kong specifically) and being absolutely astounded at the sheer amount of brands, and different kinds of cars that they have to choose from. So every time i hear that a new type of car will be brought over to South Africa – it makes me a little excited. No more will we have only 4 or 5 small cars to choose from! And no more will we have to just stick to the same old brand as our parents did.

So it is with great pleasure that i can introduce a new car that is a month away from launching in South Africa: the Opel ADAM (named after Opel’s founder: Adam Opel). This new offering from Opel is a small and highly customizable car, with gadgets that you wouldn’t usually find on this class of vehicle.

The 7-inch colour touch screen boasts a state-of the-art multimedia system, and offers smartphone connectivity for Android and iOS smartphones. ADAM also integrates ‘Siri Eyes Free’ so you can use voice commands to use your phone and the infotainment system.

Through the link to your phone, the car’s multimedia system also includes Stitcher, a free app that lets you listen to radio shows and podcasts on demand from all over the world and, TuneIn, which provides live radio from more than 70 000 stations for free!

Besides all the music – there is also a unique GPS/navigation system on board. “BringGo” Navigation, which is a full, turn-by-turn, GPS-based navigation system that connects with your smartphone and uses 3D maps and text-to-speech.

South Africa is going to have three models: the entry-level Adam, Adam Jam and then the top of the rang Adam Glam. Each of the cars have a wide selection of customizable options/extras, accessories and a rather wide selection of colours.

If you aren’t convinced yet, check the promo video out:

For more information, here’s the South African Opel Adam site: Opel ADAM


How Do You Pronounce Mazda?

It’s no secret that i have a little bit of an obsession with cars. I can remember spending a vast amount of time with my dad as a kid either lying underneath a car examining its inner workings, or behind the wheel on dirt roads sitting on his lap and “learning” how to drive. I was sitting on his lap because i couldn’t have been older than 6 and my legs definitely weren’t long enough for me to reach the pedals. Cars have been an integral part of mine and my dad’s relationship.

When it came to me deciding on my first car, he was the first person i consulted. At the time, we narrowed it down to a few hatches that would suit my needs. After everything was taken into account; safety, after-purchase service, fuel consumption, looks, insurance, price, etc… we decided on a Honda Civic. I have not regretted that decision once since i bought that car.

On the short-list of potential cars were the predictable VW’s and even a Volvo, but the car that probably came the closest was the Mazda 3. It’s the perfect car for a young person, or pretty much anyone that’s working on a budget but still wants a decent looking car and one that comes standard with a lot of “extras” that you would pay for if you bought with another brand.

The 2014 Mazda 3 is an all new car, and they haven’t spared any expense on technology too. You can get: Blind Spot Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Obstruction Warning, High Beam Control, Radar Cruise Control and Smart City Brake Support. WHAT I WOULD GIVE FOR CRUISE CONTROL! Seriously.

Mazda in general have put a lot of effort into design over the last little while – and it shows. The Mazda’s don’t look like the kind of cars our grandparents would drive – which they used to years ago. Mazda in South Africa are also stepping out from under Ford’s shadow and are now officially independent. You can bet your bottom dollar that that means that the guys over at Mazda are going to go the extra mile to make you happy because they need to establish themselves as a strong and trustworthy independent brand in the country.

If you are in the market for a car – do yourself a favour and test drive a Mazda 3. Perceptions and pre-conceived notions aren’t going to help you when it comes to choosing a brand. Gone are the days when the only reliable car was a German one. The Asian car brands are working extra hard and offering way more in return just to prove that they can compete on the same level. Which they can!

If you want to book a test drive, all you have to do is go here: DRIVE MAZDA

And if i don’t have you convinced yet, check this clip out: Mazda 3 South Africa

///  SIDENOTE \\\

Did you know that you’ve probably been mispronouncing most of the Japanese car brand’s names? Here’s a handy video with a native Japanese speaker pronouncing them correctly. How many do you say correctly?

Add Hope During World Hunger Month

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 11.28.53 AM

About a week or so ago i tweeted about KFC’s awesome Add Hope initiative that is now able to feed 70 000 children in South Africa a month. I must be honest, i wasn’t sure how many people were really adding R2 onto their KFC orders, and whether the money was actually going to the right places, i’m extremely happy to see that people are donating and the money is actually ending up with the children. I wasn’t the only one impressed with the stats, or surprised at how well KFC have been doing with their campaign, so i thought i’d elaborate a little more on what KFC are actually doing, and why.

Seeing as today is World Food Day the rad people over at KFC wanted to show you some of the children whose lives have been improved by those tiny R2 donations. At the end of the day, R2 is really not that much if you can afford to eat at KFC in the first place… but to these children, that R2 is the difference between having 1 meal during the day and not eating at all.

Throughout World Hunger Month KFC are trying to push for more South Africans to commit to Adding Hope every time they make an order. They have created a website to profile some of the children that they’ve been helping and to also ask these kids what’s important to them. These kids in the video are absolutely adorable! Even they know that food is a very basic necessity for growing children who are expected to learn and play at school.

Can you believe that 3,165 million children in South Africa live with household hunger? Malnutrition is associated with more than half of all childhood deaths in our country. It’s a scary and overwhelmnig statistic. It’s easy to feel helpless. So why don’t you Add Hope the next time you order at KFC :)

They’ve already raised over R210 million over the last 6 years, and currently feed over 70 000 children every month, like i mentioned before. I’m not sure what the stats are on how many people are actually adding the R2 to their orders, but i’m sure its nowhere near 50%. Imagine if every 2nd person at KFC Added Hope! Think of all the children we could be feeding!

Just in case you’re wondering where your money will be going, these are the reputable organizations that help KFC feed those 70 000 children every month:


M-Net Movies Comedy Teams Up With YouTube


I’ve got to say that the whole “singing for your supper” approach to competitions in South Africa is getting pretty tired. It’s sad to have to see talented comedians/musicians beg for “votes” to be able to get opportunities to perform.

M-Net Movies Comedy channel has taken a bit of a different route to try and showcase some local comedy peoples during their stand-up comedy festival this month. Four up-and-coming comedians created pre-rolls for YouTube, promoting the stand-up comedy festival on channel 104. Quite simply put, the one with the longest view time will win R10 000.00 in cash!

Now this is a little different to the usual way these things are decided, they’re using YouTube analytics to determine which pre-roll was watched for the most amount of time. Multiple views from the same device won’t count. So essentially the quality of the clips have to speak for themselves.

Watch the four clips below and tell me who your favourite is!

ALSO – if you ever need something to cheer you up, remember to tune into M-Net Movies Comedy (channel 104) for loads of stand-up on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm this month (September).

I got the full schedule, but i thought i’d pick my favourites to highlight:

26-Sep-2014 21:00 CHRIS ROCK: BIGGER & BLACKER

PS: You should feel bad if you missed Robin Williams’ “Weapons Of Self Destruction” last week! It’s immense.

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Why Dance Moms?

So, by now you should know that Lifetime is launching in South Africa, and with it, a host of pretty awesome shows and content. In a coincidence that can only be described as magical, I was asked by Lifetime to share my love for Dance Moms.

My love for Dance Moms might seem strange to you, but that’s probably because either you’ve never watched an episode of Dance Moms, or because you don’t know me very well.

Here’s the backstory – I was “performer” as a kid. By that I mean that I did ballet, gymnastics, singing and played a few instruments too. This all started at around age 4/5. The gymnastics was hard, I had a Russian coach (terrible stereotype I know) and she was terrifying. My ballet coach was a nice woman, but demanded perfection from us. My music teachers, bar for 1 or 2, were all part of some underground musical militia, I hated music lessons. Hated.

I remember having panic attacks in music class, being pushed in gymnastics until I cried, and just generally feeling sick every time I had to answer to one of the many coaches or teachers I had. That is why Dance Moms resonates with me so much. This woman is the epitome of all of my horrifying coaches and teachers rolled into one. The little girls remind me of me…. well, some of them. I wish I could say I used to be a Maddie, but I was never the teachers pet really. I was more the Chloe. Constantly being made to feel like I was not trying hard enough or “didn’t want it” enough.

In all honesty, these young girls inspire me. They are stronger than I ever was. I gave up ballet and gym and music. All because of teachers. I was a coward and hated the way my stomach felt for the hours before classes. I hated the way I felt during class. I loved the relief of walking out of class… but then the cycle would start up again the very next day. As an adult, I wish I had stuck with it; I had a perfect ballet turnout, my double-jointedness meant that I didn’t have to spend hours trying to stretch myself out and make my hip flexors loose, etc.

Watching these episodes gives me something I can’t quite explain. In some ways it’s insight into what I was going through as a kid, and partially because I get to vicariously love through these kids. It’s reminded me that I truly did love to dance, but I let a few people spoil it for me. I shouldn’t have.

As i’ve mentioned before, Dance Moms starts out a little rough around the edges… maybe a bit too similar to Toddlers & Tiaras, but it falls into its own rhythm. The show changes throughout Season 1 and it’s Season 2 where things really start to turn up. These girls are worth getting to know, their stories are worth watching.


Tune in tonight! On DStv, channel 131 at 19:10 for the premiere!