Porsche Test Drive Gone Wrong – Joburg Edition

What really makes this video is the running commentary from the boet/oke/boytjie filming the whole thing. At first, you can tell that he’s just admiring the Porsche, but the admiration soon turns to something else way more entertaining. “Oooooooooohhhhhww Maah Weeeehhhd! Thaaht izzaaah SHIT ONE!” I want this dude to narrate my life!

The Youtube comments are GOLD! This poor boet has been called everything from “African Guido” to “DUDEBRO”… but most people think the accent is worth more than the footage.

Best Reaction To An Earthquake. Ever.

South Africa – what a land of special special people. Here’s another South African dad providing comedic relief to the rest of the world (after Chad le Clos’ dad). My guess is that he’s originally from up North somewhere… only you JHB-ers could be responsible for an accent like that.

“I was on Skype chat with my Dad catching up when suddenly a 7.2 earthquake hits…hilarity ensues. He was in San Diego, California and I was in New York City at the time. Accents make everything sound cooler, his is South African. Enjoy.”