Burlesque Bar Mitzvah

I can’t profess to be knowledgeable on anything to do with Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s… i’ve never been to one, and i don’t know any 12-turning-13 Jewish kids right now, so i assume i won’t be going to one anytime soon. However, i’ve heard a lot of Bar Mitzvah stories and i can’t recall any of them mentioning that dance routine’s were used as an entrance.

The poor kid in this video, Sam (and his family), have come under a lot of criticism for being so garish at a very traditional and, relatively sacred, religious event… but when you see his little face, and how genuinely happy he seems, you can’t help but cheer him on.

Either way, this kid is WAY more confident than i ever was at 13, come to think of it, this kid is more confident than i am right now! One can only hope that Sam prepared his haftorah as well as he prepared his dance steps ;)