Jimmy Kimmel’s “I Ate Your Halloween Candy” Prank!

It’s become a bit of an online Halloween tradition. It was about two years ago when American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel asked people to tell their kids that they ate their Halloween sweets that they’d gone and begged for the night before, and then record their reactions. In the previous hit video, the majority of the children reacted as you would expect – tantrum/screaming/crying/anger… but a few of the better behaved children had the MOST adorable reactions i have ever seen.

Let’s see what this years video has to offer:

Drugged Up After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tanner Paxman gets his widsom teeth removed in the chair – very common in the states and even here in SA if there aren’t any complications. You get put under some sort of sedative and then they “operate” right there at the dentists rooms. The drugs are pretty strong as it’s quite a violent procedure, this poor kid is obviously feeling it.

The first video is of him in the dentists char straight after the procedure, the second is of him in the car drive on the way home. Both videos are ridiculously hilarious. The person filming him is his dad.

“I’m good, bro. I want to party”