Stock Up As We Countdown To Air Max Day!

Nike Air Max Day is almost upon us, and if you’re a sneaker freak you need to make sure you head through to The Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein!

Nike Airmax March 2015-29

Look, I love my trainers. Ever since I wasn’t able to afford kicks like the Air Max I’ve wanted to own them. Now that I’m earning my own money and actually can afford them it’s become somewhat of a hobby for me. So when Nike and the wonderful guys over at Shelflife asked if I’d like to come through to anĀ Air Max exhibit in Jozi, obviously my answer was, erm, yeah!

For me, the Air Max is the most significant trainer in my life. It was the one that I always wanted as a kid but couldn’t get. I couldn’t get them for two reasons. Firstly, they were too expensive and my mother was having none of it. Secondly, they were EXTREMELY chavvy. I had a reputation to uphold.

Honestly though, I’m not sure there is a trainer that has become such a cult classic. They’re still making the Air Max 1s and Air Max 90s exactly as they were when it was first made, and the reason you’ll never find them on sale is simply because there’s no need. They will sell whether they’re full price or not. The demand is that high.

Nike Airmax March 2015-44

25 PSI? What’s that?
For those of you that don’t know, PSI stands for Pounds Per square Inch, and it’s what pressure is measured in. 25 PSI is the amount of air pressure in the Air Max bubble :)

Why the bubble?
Air Max designer, Tinker Hatfield, was passing through Paris during the 80s and was inspired by theĀ George Pompidou Centre, a building with an ‘inside out’ feel about it. He decided that he wanted to make a trainer that you could see inside, a trainer that pushed boundaries. So he designed the Air Max like the Pompidou. See-through.

Nike Airmax March 2015-64

Anyway, you can head through to the Alex Theatre and check out some INCREDIBLY rare Air Max kicks from over the years, learn a bit about the history of arguably the most recogniseable trainer on the planet, and also take a look at the biggest collection of Air Maxs ON THE CONTINENT.

I went, and I bought a new pair (as did my girlfriend), and I promise you that the guys at the pop-up Shelflife store there have something for you too. Seriously, the range they have is simply superb. Girls, guys, subtle, wild. Whatever you want, they’ve got.

Nike Airmax March 2015-21

The Shelflife store and Air Max exhibit is open Tuesday – Friday (12h00 – 21h00) and on Saturdays (10h00 – 18h-00), and I thoroughly recommend that you make a plan to head through at some stage. It’ll be well worth it.

Nike Airmax March 2015-20

Air Max Day is on March 26th, so make sure you’ve got a fresh pair to wear on the most sacred day in the sneaker calendar ;)