30,000 – Shelflife Help Me Thank You!

30,000!? I cannot believe that 30,000 people (give our take a few hundred bots) actually care about what I have to say. It’s madness.

I came to South Africa a few years ago with about 120 followers and literally zero reputation. Now, thanks a whole heap of tweets and a bit of graft I’ve managed to hit an amount that I never thought possible, and that, my friends, is all because of you lot. And I wanted to say thanks.

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Air Max Zero – The One Before The One

When Tinker Hatfield drew inspiration from the Pompidou Centre in Paris and designed the Air Max 1, we were all led to believe that it was the first of it’s kind. But it wasn’t… There was one before the One. This year, on the anniversary of 1987 classic, Nike brought it to life. Air Max Zero.

Air Max Zero

If you asked most people to name a modern day trainer I’m pretty sure the bulk of people would go for the Air Max. I’m also pretty sure that most people with even a minor interest in sneakers has, at some stage in their life, wanted a pair. It may have been the 1s, or the 90s, or the 95s, but somewhere along the line there’s been an Air Max for you. Continue Reading