#Barliament needs the language of PARTY

Earlier this week I posted a picture and a blog post with an image showing some of our most “well-known” political dudes and dudettes in a pretty unusual situation. In light of last week’s #SONA2015 it was even more of a surprise that pictures surfaced depicting Helen Zille, Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, and an unidentified figure getting along famously with Juju playing along as the sand mermaid. SAND MERMAID! Hahaha. Sorry, i just feel like we should probably call him that from now onwards…

zuma unbranded

On further investigation it turns out that the mystery man is in fact the Honourable TOPS Minister of Parties and Recreation. As usual the minister was doing what he does best, encouraging everyone to party-cipate.

In fact the TOPS Department of Parties and Recreation has the most important job in the country… to unite the nation under one language everyone can understand. A language called PARTY. Unlike the State of the Nation Address, PARTY was created by the people for the people and chronicled in the Drinktionary.

zuma branded


You can help to unite the nation by insisting that Parliament make PARTY SA’s 12th official language. Sign the petition here.

The language that brings parties together.


South Africa hasn’t always lucky enough to have a extensive choice for people wanting to buy cars to choose from. I remember traveling in Asia (Hong Kong specifically) and being absolutely astounded at the sheer amount of brands, and different kinds of cars that they have to choose from. So every time i hear that a new type of car will be brought over to South Africa – it makes me a little excited. No more will we have only 4 or 5 small cars to choose from! And no more will we have to just stick to the same old brand as our parents did.

So it is with great pleasure that i can introduce a new car that is a month away from launching in South Africa: the Opel ADAM (named after Opel’s founder: Adam Opel). This new offering from Opel is a small and highly customizable car, with gadgets that you wouldn’t usually find on this class of vehicle.

The 7-inch colour touch screen boasts a state-of the-art multimedia system, and offers smartphone connectivity for Android and iOS smartphones. ADAM also integrates ‘Siri Eyes Free’ so you can use voice commands to use your phone and the infotainment system.

Through the link to your phone, the car’s multimedia system also includes Stitcher, a free app that lets you listen to radio shows and podcasts on demand from all over the world and, TuneIn, which provides live radio from more than 70 000 stations for free!

Besides all the music – there is also a unique GPS/navigation system on board. “BringGo” Navigation, which is a full, turn-by-turn, GPS-based navigation system that connects with your smartphone and uses 3D maps and text-to-speech.

South Africa is going to have three models: the entry-level Adam, Adam Jam and then the top of the rang Adam Glam. Each of the cars have a wide selection of customizable options/extras, accessories and a rather wide selection of colours.

If you aren’t convinced yet, check the promo video out:

For more information, here’s the South African Opel Adam site: Opel ADAM


Nelson Mandela Legacy Cup – Competition

mandel legacy cup

I’ll be the first to admit that i’m not a massive follower of either cricket or rugby – but i’m obviously fiercely patriotic and will always support our boys in green. No matter the sport!

It hink it’s pretty hilarious/genius that the rugby team is willing to hang its pride up and play a completely different sport against guys who are paid to play for a living. It’s worth mentioning though, that i would pay a significant amount of money to see the cricket team play  rugby against the Springboks!

This T20 game – The Nelson Mandela Legacy Cup – is a celebration of Madiba’s legacy the best way South Africans know how…through sport. Something which Madiba was adamant about using to unite our very broken country.

Most of the household names will be there, led by their respective captains: AB and Jean de Villiers. A signing session with selected members of both teams will also take place as well as the popular Hit-a-Six competition.

It takes place on the 5th of December at Bidvest Wanderers. Tickets for the match are available from www.ticketpro.co.za and range from R90-R200. The fun starts at 3pm and the game is at 6.30pm.

I have got 4 tickets to the Nelson Mandela Legacy Cup to give away. All you have to do is include ALL of the following THREE elements in a tweet:

1.) Details: http://goo.gl/3OFRBC

2.) @StephanieBe

3.) Nelson Mandela Legacy Cup

For example: “Hey @StephanieBe! I’d love those 4 tickets to the Nelson Mandela Legacy Cup. Details: http://goo.gl/3OFRBC “

Winner announced Tuesday the 2nd of December.