Seth Rogan And James Franco Honour Kanye In Sensual New Video

The story goes something along the lines of: James Franco and Seth Rogen were quite bored on set of their new movie “The Interview”… and so being Franco and Rogen, decided to do a little ode to Kanye West’s new “Bound 2″ music video.

This is still less cringey than the original (if you can believe it)… but still way more laugh inducing. I have no doubt that if Kanye steps down off of his cloud for 5min, and sees this, he’ll throw a massive tantrum on Twitter or something.



Supercar FAILS.

Just because you’re rich enough to buy a supercar does NOT mean that you’re smart enough to drive it. I literally watched this entire video with my hand over my mouth and cringing all the way through. Some of these guys were just plain old run-of-the-mill stupid, but some of them are so fucking ridiculously idiotic that they could never be smart enough to have earned their own money to buy these cars… in other words – spoilt rich kids with not a brain cell to share between them. ARGH!

I feel sorry for the cars most, they deserve owners that will treat them with the respect and reverence they deserve!

How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number

Someone get these guys a bottle of Bell’s! It shows that an honest, confident and direct approach works wonders. They only got rejected by 25% of the girls and some of those had boyfriends… so that doesn’t really count.

I’m not so sure if this technique would work in Cape Town though. I don’t know many of my friends who would just give their number out to a random guy. But you JHB boys might as well give it a try.

Please note: these guys are well dressed and aren’t being creepy about it. So if you give this a try, put on a decent outfit, smell good and be as confident as you can be.

EIther way, take look, you might just learn something ;)