On Friday i did a post on Leon Schuster and some of his old school pranks (take a look here if you haven’t seen it yet). It got me thinking about some of the other stuff we were watching on TV back then… especially the kids programs. After a lot of thought, i’ve realized that probably all of our psychological problems can be traced back to fvcked up South African TV programs for kids.

Pumpkin Patch, Mina Moo, Bennie Die Boekwurm, Dawie Die Kabouter, Liewe Heksie, Zet… seriously. WTF. Zet?! To this day, i get chills if i see a picture of Zet or if someone talks about him… thank goodness it doesn’t happen too regularly. I remember half wanting Zet to come and visit my school, but i think adult Stephanie is kind of relieved he didn’t. I do still wonder what his fur felt like…

BUT, in case you don’t have as vivid a recollection of him as i do, i have included a couple of videos to jog your memory.

This first video was done in conjunction with Leon Schuster, where he got Zet to go into a room with 2 kids (who had been put there on purpose, for the prank) and then got Zet to “tell” them to keep it a secret while he hid. The teacher/adult then comes into the room asking if the kids have seen Zet… this is only one of a couple of the kids that were on the video, but it’s a pretty funny one.

I love how the little boy is SUCH a crybaby. He cries when Zet comes in and then his first reaction is to give Zet up! Sies. I don’t suppose any of you magical fruit biscuits know who this kid is? I would love to talk to him…

Aaaaaaaaaand… just in case you haven’t had enough of a trip down memory lane, i present to you: The Pumpkin Patch Theme Song, Liewe Heksie & Mina Moo Theme Song! The Mina Moo one isn’t the one i remember though… i think this is an older version, the one i remember had something about Bac & Teria in it.

And the best of all: Timothy Traddle :/