6yr Old Leads Celtic Supporters Like A BAWS

This is pure class! If you’re a football fan, you’re guaranteed to get goosebumps watching this.

This tiny kid leads the Green Brigade (an ultras group consisting of supporters of the Scottish football club Celtic) in an epic chant.

Go on son!

Celtic! (Kid)

celtic (crowd) x 2

come on you boys in green (Kid)

come on you boys in green x 2

glasgow’s green and white (Kid)

glasgow’s green and white x 2

…then madness ensues.


Today has been a rough day, and i needed a bit of a laugh… lucky for me i happened to stumble across this video! The dude in the video has a thing called a “pooter” and it’s like a tiny re-flatable mobile whoopie cushion that makes farting sounds when you squeeze it. He roams around Huntington Beach, California, and randomly farts on/near people. Some of the reactions are priceless. It gets really funny between the 03:00-04:00min mark. Well worth the bandwidth.