Beer Label Competition

If you follow me on Twitter, or read my blog posts, you should know by now that i am in a FIERCE competition with 9 other bloggers to see who can brew the best beer. At home. This is all happening as a bit of a build up to the Cape Town Festival Of Beer. I dug deep and embraced my inner hillbilly moonshiner and set up the brewery right next to our bed. I kept the beer cold when the weather was hot, and made sure it stayed at the right temperature when it was cold. I’ve added things like cherries and strawberries, honey and love and now it is time to name and clothe it.

What i need from you creative designer types is a name & label design for my beer. For your efforts, you will receive: 4 x tickets to the Cape Town Festival Of Beer, 6 pack Black Label, a couple of bottles of my very own and VERY limited edition home brew beer, and my love & adoration.

It’d be great if the design/name had something to do with me/my blog, etc. There are so many hilarious craft beer labels and brands, but a lot of the time they have no relation to the beer itself or whomever created it. That is why i’m going to try and best describe what i want the label to kind of look like, and if you could try and translate that into a design, that would be lovely ;)

I do a blogpost every Tuesday called “Topless Tuesday” and i was hoping to incorporate this into my beer label design as it has become a really big part of my blog (and solely responsible for my ‘soft core porn mogul’ label). Seeing as you have to be over 18 to drink beer anyway, i figure that boobs on a beer bottle wouldn’t hurt anyone (or get anyone arrested). My initial idea was to have 2 girls on either side of the label, or the same girl just mirrored and then the name of the beer in the middle. The girls can be more Sailor Jerry pinup style or more modern or whatever, i’m open to suggestions. It’d be cool if they weren’t just cartoons/drawings of girls, but actual nekkid girls. With actual nekkid boobs.

The name of the beer is where i’m a little stuck. I wanted to go with STEPH BEer, but i’m not sure how lame that is? I added cherries, honey and strawberries to the beer… so i’m not sure if something clever can be made out of that?

Here are the entries that Nash & Natalie as well as Savage got.

If you have a design for me, you can email it straight through to me:! Closing date for entries: Monday 18 November, 15:00.

Some inspiration (if you want to use this pic, feel free):



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