‘Jobs’ South Africa Premiere [Competition]

jOBS-Movie-Steve-Jobs-Ashton-KutcherIt’s almost here, the biopic that promises to give us a deeper look into the life of genius and troublemaker, and apple co-founder, Steve Jobs. I would imagine that the movie has quite a large reach, with tech geeks, entrepreneurs, Apple enthusiasts and maybe even people looking for inspiration all keen to find out how Jobs got his start.

The movie spans quite a large period in Jobs’ life… from his early hippie days, all way to the release of the first iPod in 2001. It’s a large time frame to cover, so you can imagine that it glosses over some chapters of his life…. but for the most part, apparently it’s a great “summary” rather than a detailed blow by blow of everything significant thing that he ever did or hat happened to him.

130815123006-steve-jobs-movie-garage-horizontal-galleryJust Play are hosting the Premiere of “Jobs” this Thursday night at Sandton City, and i have a double ticket to give away. They’ve also let me know that there will be loads of prizes/giveaways on the night, so you never know what you might come away with.

If you’re keen to attend the premiere of Jobs here in South Africa, all you have to do to enter is tweet the following:

WIN 2 tickets to the Jobs movie premiere at Sandton City with @Justplaytweets and @StephanieBe. #JustPlaySteveJobs


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