There’s a new kid on the block, and you’re going to want to be friends with him. Trust me.

1381173_205021099677189_1275088989_nhappy.me is a South African Bubble Tea shop that has opened in Greenside, JHB. The owners spent 3yrs developing the brand and traveling from South America to Asia to discover different teas and find out how Bubble Tea started. I had my first encounter in Cape Town, but it’s nothing like what these guys have got going on. I liked Bubble Tea when i first tried it, but after my trip to happy.me, i now LOVE it!


Besides Bubble Tea, they do excellent coffees and ridiculously tasty smoothies too! The guys have also got free wifi on the way, and there are even plugs for your laptop. The Bubble Tea choices also range from super healthy… to super decadent, it’s all up to you! Their opening times are also super convenient: 7am – 7pm, which makes it the perfect spot to stop on the way to work, over lunch or after work :)

1377088_205021546343811_1185555630_nI’ve been given the store to run for one day next week with Miss Leigh Crymble as my partner, we’re taking on 4 other teams in a race to see who can promote/run the shop the best! So… if you’re in the area next Tuesday (29 Oct, 12 – 6pm) PLEASE pop by and support! We’ve got some pretty cool things planned for the day ;) AND we’ll give you an opportunity to tweet for a discount on the day! Join us in store to get involved.

If you can’t be there, and want to show your support, please tweet the HECK out of our hashtags! We’re being judged on social media reach, etc… so if you could add #HappyMetre and #TeamSL to a couple of tweets, that’d be swell ;)



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