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I know that there are a lot of you who live your weeks counting down to the weekend. I don’t recommend this as a way to live, but hopefully i can help you look forward to at least one day in the week! Mondays (apparently) suck, Wednesday is Hump Day and Thursday is almost Friday and well… Friday is THE WEEKEND BABY!

So from henceforth, Tuesday shall be known as “Topless Tuesday”! Every Tuesday you can expect a delicious pic of BOTH a dude and a girly… no one gets excluded here!

4 September 2012

This is the last week that you will be seeing Topless Tuesday as you have come to know it. So get an eye-ful and keep a watch on my blog for the all new Topless Tuesday, starting from next week ;)

And just to break things up a bit… here’s a pic of me as a child:

SIX PACKS!!!!!! *girly scream*

21 August 2012

Yeah, so i apologize for the lateness… but in 5 seconds, you aren’t going to care. This week sees the inaugural TITS&ASS edition of Topless Tuesday. Yup, you read right… Tits AND ass. Enjoy ;)

Before we get to the six packs, here’s a bear meeting a bear :)

7 August 2012

I am, once again, sat at work trying to put this post together while listening to music that has been submitted for playlisting… this time i was able to save myself some embarrassment and keep my colleagues from thinking i’m too much of a sexual deviant/porn addict. However, i will admit, i am rather high. I got the worst migraine yesterday and haven’t been able to shake it. I think i might have consumed an entire box of myprodols in less than 24hrs… So please excuse me if my judgement is a teeny bit off this week. I can’t be held responsible if a pic of questionable hotness sneaks in.

Enjoy it nonetheless ;)

How cute are these fluffy jugglypuffs? Then… water…

And now…. SIXXX PACKS!

31 July 2012

It’s the last day of the month, which excites me more than just a little bit. It means we’re getting closer to Summer! Warm days in pretty dresses and sandals feel like a distant memory, shrouded by jackets and hoodies :/ It also means i’m getting closer to my UK trip over Christmas, which i haven’t stopped dreaming about since i bought my ticket!

The sun is shining in Cape Town right now, but it’s a tease… as soon as you step outside you’re greeted with a swift gust of icy wind to the face and any other exposed and sensitive piece of skin. Luckily i have Topless Tuesday to distract me a little ;) This week was a good week… it’s like the internet deities looked down upon me and granted me access to some of the hottest stuff around. Look and see for yourself:

> Amateur Girls Section < 

Before we wander over to the six-pack section… a little something to break things up: A cat watching Olympic Water Polo.

This dude was a special request by Karen Batalliou ;)

24 July 2012

I sourced some of these pics in a very very very public place and was almost caught in a very awkward situation involving my boss, the kitchen lady, a hungover colleague and an inquisitive cat. So it is with great pride that i present Topless Tuesday this week… i overcame any obstacles set in my way and was able to put together a stellar selection, if i don’t say so myself.

Amateur Section > Real Girls <

And… before we switch boobs for pecs: LOOK! A baby aardvark…

SIX PACK TIME! *claps hands*

17 July 2012

What a B-E-A-utiful day in Cape Town today! The sun really really brightens my mood… i feel like giving everyone that i see today a MASSIVE hug. I’m all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns today :] Even if you are in a less than sparkly mood, spread the love people… one smile at a time :}

I met the coolest Ginger this week, @GingerJ0… such a cool and crazy chick, so i’m doing a special “Redheaded Girls” section this week! Happy scrolling.

RED ALERT: Redhead Section!

And just to break things up a bit, here’s a dog with Doggles on:


10 July 2012

We’ve had some pretty shitty weather for the past couple of days here in Cape Town, so i went to a little bit of extra effort to bring you the very best the web could offer me. Unfortunately, in my travels i came across a corner of the web that i wish i had never stumbled upon… Oh the things that i have seen. I take the hits so you don’t have to ;)

Last week, i had a treat for the guys, and revealed the Twitter ID of one of the “Amateur Girls”…. this week, i have something special for the ladies.

Real Girl > Amateur Section <

Before we head over to some beautiful semi-nude male humans… here is a pug wearing a backpack. Yes, i know. A pug picture for the second week in a row, but can you blame me? They are SO DAMN CUTE!

Last week i revealed a local girls Twitter handle (who was featured in the Amateur section), and this week i will do the same for a local guy… keep scrolling to see who he is ;)

REAL dudes > Amateur Section <

*drumroll* If you don’t follow him on Twitter already, you certainly will after this! It’s our very own @followthebounce :] A long time fan of Topless Tuesday, and an all round great guy… 12 weeks ago he took on the Pierre Spies (YUM!) challenge set by Virgin Active and, as you can see, the results speak for themselves. Follow the link to see exactly what he did, and a pretty hilarious video of him attempting the challenge while he was still a little… uhm… soft around the edges ;)

3 July 2012

A new month, a new round of the most beautiful topless shots. This week i’ve included a bumper number of amateur girls and, for the first time, will reveal one of the girls’ Twitter handle ;) Happy Tweeting…

Real Girls (Amateur Section)

Here she is, meet: Trish – @KinkiTrish (click through at your own peril)

Before we head on over to the gun show… Here’s a puggy. A pug puppy.

SIX PACK TIME! I cannot contain my enthusiasm this week… SQUEAL!

26 June 2012 

There isn’t really anything new to report, the weather in Cape Town is still shitty, i’m a little sick and i happened to dislocate my knee on Sunday night… so all round, a pretty average week. I’d like to think that i’ve picked the hottest pics of girls and guys this week, but i don’t really know… i’m not sure if the cold & flu meds mixed with the anti-inflammatories and pain killers might have addled my brain. I’m fully expecting to log in next week and see that i’ve uploaded pics of naked grannies and clowns.

Just to be on the safe side, i thought i’d start off with a pic of Scarlett Johanssen:

REAL GIRLS > Amateur Section <

And just to break things up a bit… here is a picture of a drunk baby, who also kinda looks like Winston Churchill.

Time to trade tits and ass for six packs and abs:

June 2012

I’m not gonna beat around the bush this week, so here they are:

REAL GIRLS > Amateur Section <


REAL GUYS > Amateur Section <

12 June 2012

It seems i’ve hit a bump in the road again when it comes to Topless Tuesday :/ I neglected it last week, and this week hasn’t been any easier. Hopefully i’ll be back on form in no time. In the meantime, if you have any of your favourite pics that you’d like me to include, drop me a tweet: @StephanieBe :}

REAL GIRLS > Amateurs <

And once again, just to break things up:


29 May 2012

It’s been a slow week on the internet, and this concerns me for two very different reasons.

The first reason being that i think i might be suffering from “seen-it-all” syndrome. I’m a self proclaimed internet troll, i’ve spent so much time lurking the net, that you’d be hard-pressed to show me something i haven’t already seen. As a result, i’m starting to find stories less shocking, memes less funny, and… this is the worst of all… kitten pictures less cute *blasphemy*. It takes a lot to make me react, i could be on 9gag for an hour and not even let out a little chuckle. I’ve become desensitized… so the truth is that maybe it hasn’t been a slow week on the internet at all, it’s just that nothing tickles me/my pink anymore.

The second reason that i’m concerned for the lack of noteworthy news this week (that’s if it really has been a slow week) is because it could be the proverbial, “calm before the storm”. I’m honestly afraid of what lies ahead… we’ve had hints, just a few gasp-worthy stories; Mao Sugiyama who chopped his wang and sack off to serve to hungry diners and a crazed man in America who literally chewed someones face off to get to his “brains”…

Either way, Topless Tuesday continues as normal… and because of the lack of internet stimuli this week, i’ve taken it upon myself to single-handedly blow your minds. It’s a pleasure ;)


And just to break things up a bit… i give you, a hedgehog taking a bath:

Lets switch boobs and bums for six packs and guns ;)

22 May 2012 

I know Topless Tuesday is a little late today, but i have a very very valid reason. I tried… i really did. I wanted to surprise you with a nudie pic of a specific lady human that is on everyone’s lips at the moment… the lips of both girls and guys: Mila Kunis. I wasn’t able to find a topless pic of this lovely lady, but i did find this:


And now for the guys ;)


15 May 2012  >> The BLONDE Edition <<

The time has come! Last week i did a special Brunette edition and spoke about how many guys prefer brunettes over blondes… i wasn’t corrected by any of my readers and pretty much all of the guys on Twitter actually agreed with me (especially Mr Cape Town). I know i could never change your opinion with one little Topless Tuesday post full of beautiful blondes, but i’m going to try anyway.

It was really really hard finding good topless pics of blondes… now before you jump to conclusions, it seems to be that (real) blondes don’t seem to pose topless as much as brunettes. I’m subscribed to a good number of nude websites and only when i was specifically looking for blonde girls, did i notice that there aren’t that many around. There are loads of beautiful blonde girls with their tops/bras on, but not that many with their kit off.

A big thanks to Joe (@yeswecrann), he sat for hours trying to help me find pictures. He can also attest to the lack of blondes without clothes on :P

And now… Topless Tuesday, the BLONDE Edition! Enjoy, and let me know what you think ;)

> AMATEUR/Real Girls Section <

And just to break things up before we move away from shapely breasts and on to rippling abs…

Brace yourselves! I know i say it almost every week… but honestly, this week i have really outdone myself. The men are breathtaking. Have a look for yourself:

8 May 2012  >> The BRUNETTE Edition <<

In my personal experience, guys (and girls) tend to prefer brunettes. I’m not sure where all the blonde hate comes from, but i suppose it’s just one of those things. I have never ever dated a guy that actually preferred blondes, and being a blonde myself, this has given me somewhat of a complex… i still toy with the idea of dyeing my hair dark brown someday, but every single hairdresser i go to tells me not to do it. Apparently it’s a mission to get it back to your original colour and to be honest, my natural hair colour is pretty kickass already… but the self doubt creeps in every now and again.

Before i let you get to all of the brunette hotties, i’d just like to defend my fellow blonde-haired girls. There are less of us in the world, so that means (statistically/logically speaking) that there would also be less hot blondes. Also, when you go out on any given night in Cape Town or anywhere else in the world… a lot of the “blondes” are bottle blondes, or bleach blondes, therefore, the likelihood that it doesn’t suit them or makes them look cheap is pretty high. So there.

Either way gentlemen, i will shut my blonde haired self up now and let you get to all of the brunettes you’ve been promised:

And, of course, no Topless Tuesday would be complete without the beautiful shirtless boys featured every week.

I can’t get over how unbelievably painfully gorgeous these brothers are… how hot are their parents?!

Ok, i know he isn’t topless… but, wow.

24 April 2012

It’s been one of those weeks, and from what i can gather on my Twitter timeline, it’s been one of those weeks for a lot of people. Hugs, kisses, sparkles and light to all that need it, and of course – BOOBS and SIX PACKS ;) I hope this has you smiling (naughtily) by the end of it…

I’ve done things a little differently this time around, let me know if you like it :)

> Hold your breath, things are about to get a little more NSFW…


It feels a little wrong to go straight from those boobs into the deeply gorgeous men i have prepared for you… so, to break things up a little:

Are you ready? Yes? Well, go ahead…

17 April 2012

I hope you had a fantastic Easter? I did ;) Things are more chilled for me this week… the boyfriend isn’t as sick anymore, new business worries are mostly taken care of, i have (intermittent) internet access now, and i traded my wonky dongle in for a donkey named, Wongle.

Let me know what you think of this weeks selection :)

REAL GIRLS (Amateur Pics)

From boobs to six packs…

3 April 2012

Yeah, i’ve been lax recently… blah blah blah excuse. Boyfriend sick, new business worries, no internet access, wonky dongles, etc.

However, i do hope to make up for it with the next couple of photos… i’ve had a lot of fun looking for sexy girls and guys this week ;)

REAL GIRLS – Amateur Pics

And now… for the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

13 March 2012

I feel like i’m finally getting back into the swing of things with Topless Tuesday… i was neglecting it for a while, but i’ve realized that not only am i a nicer person after a weekly dose of hot bodies, but so are my Twitter/Blog followers :P

If i’m going to be completely honest here, i’ve noticed 2 very specific correlations between my commitment to Topless Tuesday, whether it goes out or not and the enthusiasm at which i compile it. The first correlation is very obvious – internet/laptop access. I often find myself without one or the other, which obviously makes it extremely difficult to upload any pics :( The second correlation is a little less obvious… and a whole lot more private, but i’m going to hint at it and if you’re smart enough to understand it, then good for you: The more i get in real life, the less i give on the blog. Ok, so that wasn’t much of a hint… more like a blatant statement. Oh well, call me a chronic over-sharer.

You are free, however, to make your own assumptions about what that means about this weeks blogpost as i went down on it with the same enthusiasm as a fat kid on cake. I’m going to try and be more reliable with the toplessness from now on though… i mean, if you can’t rely on a regular dose of nakedness, what can you rely on?

REAL GIRLS > Amateur Section:

Once again, i do not take responsibility for any loss of breath while looking at the following pictures:

6 March 2012

> The Black & White Edition <

There is something about black and white photography that makes looking at naked people seem more… legit. For example, if i had my laptop open on one of the full colour nudie pics from previous Topless Tuesday posts and my mom or dad had to walk into the room, i would do a quick 4-finger swipe and get rid of the picture asap (or slam the laptop shut if i were using a peasants laptop). However, i feel like it would be ok if they walked in and happened to see a tasteful black and white picture of a semi-naked guy or girl…

So feel free to share this post with your parents, or grandparents and be sure to let me know how it goes ;)

Scroll down to the end of the post to see how to win tickets to International UMF Muay Thai & DL MMA Fight Night with Dragon Power at Grand West this Saturday night.


We’re back babydolls ;)

Funnily enough, Black and White photographs of semi-naked guys was way harder to find than of the ladies. I ended on one or two… uhm… artistic websites. Yeah :/ But i suffer, so you don’t have to ;) Enjoy!


Tweet me and tell me why you’d like to win tickets to the International UMF Muay Thai & DL MMA Fight Night… make sure that you’re also following @DragonPower888 too ;)

Remember to include the following hashtag: #iLoveUMF

14 FEBRUARY 2012 (Valentines Day, also Sexually Sexual Day

> The Ultimate Boobies Edition <

What a great day to relaunch Topless Tuesday for 2012! I’ve been a little slack this year… but from here on out, i promise to bring you the best in the boobie and six-pack game.

And because i really do love my Topless Tuesday readers the most – you guys get an extra entry into the Ultimate X hamper and ticket giveaway… if you don’t know what i’m taking about, head on over to my home page. For that extra entry, just comment on this page and tell me you’d like to join me at Ultimate X this weekend, don’t forget to still send a tweet to me and the boys over at @Ultimate_X_ to enter :)

Now… for the moment i’ve made you wait long enough for:

I took extra care with the guys this week, sit back and let your mind wander:

10 January

Hmmmm… sorry for lateness and the kinda kak-ish selection of boys and girls this week. I suppose i’m suffering from a bit of boobie block. I promise to be back on track next week! Much love and hugs ;)

And onto the boys…

27 December

NYE is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me you probably still don’t know where you’re going to party. Because i love my Topless Tuesday readers the mostest, i’m breaking the news here before i do it on Twitter/Facebook – i have 4 tickets to give away to ONE person (that’s you + 3 friends) for the 5FM and Savannah New Years Eve Live City Link Up at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town! Party like there’s no tomorrow with Euphonik, Roger Goode, C-Live, DJ Fresh, Goodluck, Gareth Devore, Tomorrow’s Will, Garth B and Kyle Phonics.


The tickets are going to go to a totally random person from Twitter who tweets any/all of the following tweets (you need to be following @GandGPro to win):

“YO! @StephanieBe gimme them tickets gurl. Me and my homies gon’ burn this mahfahka down. #NYELiveCityLinkUp”

“Ola senorita @StephanieBe! I wood reely reely luv those ticketos, por me and my amigos. Muchos gracias. #NYELiveCityLinkUp”

“Aweh masekinners. I really hope this girlie @StephanieBe goois me those tickets so my brasse en i can stiek uit. #NYELiveCityLinkUp”

“Howzit @StephanieBe ah’d really lahk it if you klapped those tickets mah way, lank excahted. Schweet. #NYELiveCityLinkUp”

“Hey @StephanieBe i’d love to win those 4 tickets to the #NYELiveCityLinkUp. Shot!”

More information about the NYE Live City Link Up Party:

To buy tickets: Computicket

>> Winner will be announced Friday 30 December <<

And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for. HOORAY FOR BOOBIES!

This next pic is especially for Joe Crann, he very kindly sent me a picture to use in this post… however, i had to politely decline as i’m not a fan of chains :/ So this one’s for you Cranyon, she might not be all tied up, but she is carrying your flag.

REAL GIRLS (Amateur Pics)

I fell in love this week… he’s French and has tattoos *le sigh*

AND a special request i got this week (i don’t need to be asked twice) MOAR TATTOOS :D

20 December

5 days away from that word that starts with Christ and ends in… depression. Yeah, yeah… i’m a Grinch. The only thing that might get me to enjoy this time of year again, is if i find one of these hotties under my tree ;)

However, if you are a fan of the Holidays and still believe in Santa – Merry Freakin’ Christmas, ok?! There, i said it. Now go and open your presents… enjoy:

Now onto the increasingly popular, “real girls” section:

I have a teeny tiny obsession with one of the guys featured this week, perfect tattoos and unconventional looks. LOVE it:

13 December

We’re experiencing some very un-Summery weather in Cape Town at the moment, so i hope these pics do their bit to warm you up!

If you missed it, last week Tue @IgorNaj changed his Twitter avatar to an incredibly sexy topless pic of himself for the day. Apparently it was because he had lost some bet with @SGHutch, but i think it’s just because he wanted to get his kit off and give Daddy Savage a run for his money… Igor’s pic impressed me so much, that i just had to feature him. It, once again, gives me hope that guys like this are actually roaming the streets of JHB and CT *dreamy sigh* (If you missed Savage‘s topless pic, scroll down to the 22 November post).

So, strictly speaking, this first girl isn’t exactly Topless… but WOW. Isn’t she lovely?

ALERT: “Real Girls” amateur pics

The time has come, Twitter Hotties getting their tops off Round 2! Igor, thanks for being such a good sport and letting me use your pic ;)

And a little something extra:

6 December

I’m not sure why, but today’s Topless Tuesday took forever to put together! The lack of decent boobage on the internet is somewhat concerning, all i saw today was saggy, odd shaped and large nippled tits. Miff tits. Anyway… i took the hits so you don’t have to! Here i present the best there is out there at the moment:

The next 3 pics are all of girls in the process of undressing… maybe if you ask Father Christmas really nicely this year, you might find one under your tree that you can unwrap ;)

This last weekend was Vortex… i don’t have much to say on it except: Tents. One of my awesomest friends and partners in crime, Mixi (@DJMixi), spent the weekend raging with all the Trance kids… so this next photo is for you honey! This is pretty much what i imagine being at an outdoor party is like:


Time to move onto the guys… this week was actually a lot easier to find pics of beautiful men. This can only mean one of two things; either i’m lowering my standards when it comes to guys OR guys are getting hotter. I’m hoping for the latter.

There’s just something about this last picture, i had to include it:

29 November

Today’s Topless Tuesday was selected with the help of @AMG133 (both the girl AND boy pictures) while sitting at the Hout Bay harbour watching the Sardine run and enjoying a box of fish ‘n chips… As you can imagine, it’s quite a public place and i might or might not have scarred an old Tannie for life. I apologize for the lack of “real girls” this week… but as i mentioned, this is a pretty public place and i just don’t think the Tannie would survive me getting my top off and taking a couple happy snaps. Oh whoops… did i say me… i meant other girls. Random girls. Totally random girls that you don’t know at all.

And because i always keep my promises, this weeks shirtless dudes section is dedicated to Stacey West (@StaceFace248) because she reminded me about THE HOTTEST photo in the world of the man i’ve been crushing on for years… Adam Levine. Naked… *faints*

22 November

Yes, i missed last week… but, as always, i will make up for it ;) Look out for a few new “real girls” and a special photo that takes me to my happy place. If you follow Dylan Savage on Twitter (of course you do, why wouldn’t you? But just in case: @LifeisSavage) you would have seen him post what some would call a douchepic, but let’s be honest… the only people calling it that are the guys who were crazy jealous at how Mr Savage had ladies from around the country slipping off their chairs.

Let’s start with a little something for the dudes:

Here’s a few new “real girls”:

And this, guys and girls, is the picture that takes me to my happy place *sigh*

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! I present to you, Dylan Savage of and his glorious six pack. The things i would do to him… actually, i’d probably be shocked into silence if i ever came too close to his awesomeness. It does, however, make me happy knowing that such a man does in fact exist in Cape Town. Ladies! There’s hope… well, not for me, but for some girl ;) It was also the mans birthday yesterday and he just happens to run one of the best all round entertainment blogs in South Africa, nay… the world!

------WebKitFormBoujdaryJBuJ0qQfhwDFviFs Content-Disposition: form-data; name="attachments[959][post_excerpt]"

And onto more guys that are out of my league, why do i do this to myself? Oh well…

8 November

Once again, i seem to have outdone myself, the girls in this weeks Topless Tuesday are in a class of their own. If you get turned on half as much as i do by looking at these pictures, then i hope you’re not anywhere public. Like sitting at your desk, because according to Murphy, your boss will call you into his office at the exact moment you get wood… and i doubt your tent pitching skills will get you a promotion.

This is the finest example of the perfect nipple to boob ratio i have ever seen:

And now… for the “real girls” ;) I’ve had quite a few more girls asking if they can submit their pics, of course you can! The more the merrier! Go to my “About” page and you’ll find my email address there, or inbox me on FB/Twitter.

I neglected the girls last week, so i’m making up for it by posting only the hottest specimens of the human male. I am becoming a little dejected, however, because the more pics i post of these beauts the more i realize that they are about as rare as a Unicorn that tap dances and knows all the lyrics to every single Justin Bieber song. They certainly aren’t here in South Africa, more specifically Cape Town *sad face*. Where are they hiding?!

Our inaugural “Real Guy”:

3 November

It’s Thursday *gasp* i know. I’ve been flat on my back for the past few days and literally on deaths door with one of the worst migraines i’ve ever had… but i couldn’t skip an entire week again, so i’m uploading Topless Tuesday two days late. Rather late than never ;) Unfortunately i do have some bad news for the girls… no pics of hot sexy muscular boys this week. I just couldn’t. This migraine is still lingering and i’m afraid that if i had to stare at too many hot guys, my brain might explode. I barely handled the boobs as it is…

This first girl… wow, possibly the prettiest girl i’ve featured on TT so far and with the prettiest boobs… This is the girl you want to take home to meet your mom:

And seeing as i had such great feedback from the “real girls” section last week, i’ve decided to feature a couple this week too… recognize anyone?

If you don’t know this by now, then you obviously haven’t known me for long… i have a serious problem with tattoos. Well, a tattoo fetish. I love them. Guys with tattoos are a massive weakness of mine, i have to exercise the utmost restraint when i’m around them. I might be able to hold a conversation with you… but, trust me, you don’t want to know what i’m really thinking about doing to you… So, in honour of my love for tattoos and to make up for TT being 2 days late, i bring you:

The Topless Tuesday Tattoo Special

25 October

I spoke about the nipple/areola-to-boob ratio on Twitter today and had quite a few people ask me what the perfect ratio would be (and what mine is :P)… So all the girls you see in today’s post have, according to me, the best kind of nipple-to-boob ratios. Enjoy!

And seeing as Halloween is just around the corner:

It was also pointed out to me today (by @GoedBeterBester) that i don’t really include any “real girls” in my posts… all of the girls are models and the photographs have been taken by professional photographers. So, i went on a search to bring you the very best in “normal girls”, self-taken photographs by the girls themselves. They could be anyone; that hot waitress from that restaurant you like so much, or even someone you follow on Twitter… you’ll never know ;)

And FINALLY… something for the girls. I am SO proud of my boys today, they are SO hot that i’m actually emotional:

18 October

Yeah, i was naughty again… skipped a weak. Some guys (@Jeemersan) seem to get quite emotional if they don’t get their mid-week boobie fix, so i’ve decided to do a BUMPER edition as well as add a little something different in at the end. So keep an eye out ;)

This girl has the most beautiful boobs ever:

And now, something for the ladies… but guys, carry on scrolling for a special surprise ;)

Once again, i apologize for skipping last weeks Topless Tuesday…. to make it up to you, i’ve decided to include something a little different to the norm. These pics were actually inspired by @QQlessPlz as he has recently taken a vow of celibacy. He’s not allowed to orgasm at all over the next 40 days… i thought that i’d find a couple of pics to show him what he’s missing out on and to make it just a little harder to hold out ;)

and finally…

4 October

I bet you wish you could be that robot right now…

Terrible Asian writing tattoo… but i’m willing to look past it. What a gorgeous smile :)

SPECIAL EDITION: Rory from is running a competition to win tickets to Gareth Emery at Trinity this Friday. It can’t hurt to use Topless pics to show him just how much i want to win. So Rory, this one’s for you… and Gareth Emery! ;)

27 September

I just can’t resist tattooed guys… it’s a problem.

20 September

Yes, i loaned her my glasses… and she’s wearing the shit outta them.

The boy section of this weeks Topless Tuesday is dedicated to Karen (@kbattaliou) who reminded me about Channing’s hotness this week with the first pic below. I can’t believe that i haven’t included him before, he’s one of my few celeb crushes and has been for a long time. The best thing about Mr Tatum? He can dance. I love me a boy that can dance.

Can’t. Stop. Looking. Down. There!

!3Ca href=””>

13 September

It might be a little late… but rather late than never, right? Once again, i feel like i have outdone myself. Enjoy ;)

6 September

This weeks Topless Tuesday is dedicated to @AntonGillis and his dawg #CharlieG. Anton was kind enough to let me live like a rockstar for a couple days in the Fire&Ice! Melrose Arch this week. His partner in crime, Charlie, also gave me the warmest welcome by nibbling my finger and giving me a good lick. So i hope you boys enjoy ;)

30 August

I’m particularly proud of my selections today, i think i hit the nail on the head with my choice for the boys this week.

Let me introduce you to Mr Boyd:

23 August

I’m back from my epic roadtrip and will try and make up for neglecting Topless Tuesday. Again. The weather is pretty miff in Cape Town at the moment, so i’ve tried to find pics that will hopefully warm you up… from the inside ;)

2 August 2011

So i’ve been bad with the Topless Tuesday posts again… but, as always, i’m going to make it up to you. Sit back, relax and enjoy these tasty topless pics:

She’s totally pulling those boots off…

I was walking along the beach one night and i just happened to bump into the hottest dude alive wearing nothing but undies

Christmas in July

Nice teeth

I hope he’s taking that shirt off and not putting it back on

That sand must feel really good

19 July 2011

12 July 2011

What’s your favourite fruit? Watermelon? Yeah, i thought so…

Just how i like ‘em… topless, brooding and sandy.

5 July 2011

Ok, so i know i’ve neglected Topless Tuesday for a while – but i swear it wasn’t because i didn’t want to post pics… it’s because i couldn’t post pics. My laptops HDD crashed and then when i got hold of another laptop, my 3G was kaput. So, i’m going to make up for it by posting an EPIC #TT today! Sit back, relax and behold the wonders of my Googling powers:


Hot guys with dogs… *dies*

14 June 2011

I think that this might just be my favourite Topless Tuesday girl so far… Mmmmm ;)

By now you should know that i have a weakness for boys with tattoos… and this tattoo is about as close to perfection as you can get. Perfect Tattoo + Perfect Face + Perfect Body = Totally out of my league… BUT i can still look ;)

7 June 2011

I missed out on Topless Tuesday last week, so i thought i’d make up for it by doing a double header today…

An alleyway has never looked so appealing.

I am convinced that they don’t make men like this in South Africa… If they do, they are certainly not in Cape Town.

I want whatever she’s having!

Wow, where to start? The dark hair and God-like features, the crazy defined abs, the… erm… *cough*… nice underwear?

24 May 2011

I’m not sure how the photographer kept the camera steady for this shot… most would be shaking in anticipation. He probably just has a really good stability control setting.

Taking underwear modelling to the next level – he isn’t even wearing the jocks! Just sort of draping them over his pocket monster… not that i’m complaining ;) His tattoo gave me shivers, in a good way.

17 May 2011

Did you notice her lip stud? No? That’s ok… i only noticed it after the first 30min i spent staring at her… ahem… eyes.

I’m not even turned off by his underarm hair… and that says something. A lot of somethings.

10 May 2011:

One day i will own an orchard and have models pick the fruit naked. Why? Well this is why:

If you look anything like this here man, give me a call: 089 takemenow


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