Who Cares The Most? – A Football Experiment

How often have you heard people say, “These players don’t care, where’s their passion!?” Well, Barclays heard that claim, so they did a little experiment.

Robert Pires & John Aldridge try out the #YouAreFootball heart rate monitors.

Robert Pires & John Aldridge try out the #YouAreFootball heart rate monitors.

Barclays’ little experiment involved taking a few Premier League superfans, some in their English hometowns and some thousands of miles away in South Africa, and kitting them up with a heart-rate monitor ahead of a big football game.

They then did the same with some of the club’s football legends… Guys like Robert Pires, Marcel Desailly and John Aldridge, in an attempt to put to rest the myth that the players don’t care as much as the fans.

Desailly: “I don’t scream, I try to understand how it happened and why…”

Basically, they tested local BPL fans against overseas football fans and ex-players to see who’s heart rate jumped higher at key moments during Arsenal’s 1-1 draw with Manchester City and Liverpool’s 4-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur. The results may surprise you.

While the players’ heart rates don’t jump as high as the fans, I had a bit of a chat with Marcel recently and he explained to me why that might be…

He said, “I feel the same passion as them, but you can see by my readings in the #YouAreFootball experiment that my heart rate doesn’t jump so high. The reason for that is, because when Chelsea score or concede, I don’t scream, I try to understand how it happened and why.

“I’m wired to figure out why we conceded and what we need to do to fix the situation.”

Another interesting finding was how high the South African football fan’s heart rates jumped during the key moments, often even higher than the locals, proving just how avidly Mzansi’s fans back their adopted English football clubs.

How the football fans reacted:

The sheer joy of scoring had the most impact on football fan’s heart rates, with them increasing to an average 215.5 % of their normal resting heartbeat when a goal was scored for their team, whilst a goal conceded made their heart rates jump to 145.5%.

Check out the video… Even if the science and findings of it don’t interest you, it’s just really cool.

And always remember… #YouAreFootball.

P.S. To see my full interview with Marcel Desailly get your copy of Soccer Laduma next Wednesday!

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