There’s Only One Johnny Eales!

I’ll keep this short, because my words are the last thing about this blog post that people actually need to read. 

Above is a video of the crowd at Sheffield Wednesday v Charlton Athletic this weekend when, on 12 minutes, the crowd broke into song, chanting, “There’s only one Johnny Eales”…

Hearing his name sung by the Wednesday faithful I know will give him the inspiration to fight on…

Johnny Eales is a life-long Wednesdayite that, for some time now, has been bound to his wheelchair. His son, Chris, launched an appeal on Facebook recently explaining that he didn’t think his dad would see next season.

Chris said, “Just getting dressed on Monday to come to the game he will feel like he has run a marathon, but he will be at his favourite place in the world on Monday afternoon.

“Hearing his name sung by the Wednesday faithful I know will give him the inspiration to fight on, and I hope it will restore the pride he has recently lost in himself.”

The fact that Wednesday fans got on board and chanted Johnny’s name not only makes me proud to be a Wednesdayite, but proud to be a Sheffielder. It wasn’t just Wednesday fans that spread the word, but Unitedites too… I really am very lucky to come from such an amazing city.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, check the video of Hillsborough singing Johnny Eales’ name in the last home game of the season, and a heart-wrenching message from the man himself that has since been posted on social media.

The One And Only Johnny Eales

The One And Only Johnny Eales

Football is a game for the people and it is the people that make it so special. We should always remember that.

Up The Owls.


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