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Well hello there, folks! It’s getting to that time of the season when everyone is panicking and stressing about the league climax, whether you’re team is near the top or near the bottom, so I though I’d do a little giveaway in order to brighten to mood :)

Also, as an extra bit of motivation, this is my new blog, so I need to christen it by giving you lovely people a reason to visit… As you can tell, I’ve piggybacked my blog on the back of my girlfriend’s, StephanieBe, because, well, she’s prettier, and more famous, than me.

Anyway, down to the nitty-gritty.  I’ve put together a little hamper for whoever ends up as the lucky winner of this competition, and inside it there is:

1 x Cardiff City jersey (Large child) and other Cardiff memorabilia
1 x English Premier League Live t-shirt (Large adult)
1 x Pair of Umbro Specialis (UK Size 8)
1 x Converse flat peak cap
2 x Shield anti-perspirants 

Here's what's available in the football hamper...

Here’s what’s available in the football hamper…

All you have to do to enter my competition is tweet the following tweet:

“Hey @YesWeCrann, I want that football hamper of yours! #DiolchIchiJoe”

It’s as simple as that guys, now get entering and I’ll announce the winner on Friday afternoon before we all bugger off for the weekend :D Good luck!


P.S Diolch Ichi means ‘Thank You’ in Welsh… I’m educating you guys too ;)


P.P.S There’s only two rules for this competition, you need to be based in South Africa and you need to be following me on Twitter, @YesWeCrann

Joe Crann


  1. “Hey @YesWeCrann, I want that football hamper of yours! #DiolchIchiJoe”

  2. Hey @YeSWeCrann I want That Football Hamper of Yours #DolchIchijoe

  3. Hey @YesWeCrann, I want that football hamper of yours! #DiolchIchiJoe

  4. Super awesum , I would lov 2win this 4 my cuz , just what sh need and would love 2have:D

  5. I realy want this football hamper joe and i cnt wait to put that cardifcity gear on my body

  6. “Hey @YesWeCrann, I want that football hamper of yours! #DiolchIchiJoe”

  7. Hey @YesWeCranna, I need that football hamper of yours #DiolchlchiJoe

  8. Me Please!! “Hey @YesWeCrann, I want that football hamper of yours! #DiolchIchiJoe”

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