Introducing… Castle Lite Lime

I’m not the sort of manly man that will say no to a flavoured beer or a flavoured cider, I like stuff that tastes nice. Whether it’s the amber nectar or pink and fluorescent, if it’s good, it’s good.

I like Castle Lite, it’s one of South Africa’s many good beers and the ‘Lite’ means that I can feel less fat if I drink more than five of them. Gotta watch my weight ;)

Now, South Africa’s coldest beer brand introduces a new member to the Extra Cold family – Castle Lite Lime.

Castle Lite Lime

Castle Lite Lime

Here’s a little bit about it:

“It’s an all-new icy fresh experience added to the smooth, crisp taste of Castle Lite and the coolest way to keep the party extra cold this summer.

“With innovation at its core, Castle Lite have taken the extra cold experience to the next level with the addition of a lime infused beer to their product range. The addition of lime flavor offers a fresh way of consuming beer making Castle Lite accessible to a new crowd of fans.

“To introduce Castle Lite Lime to the market a remix of the original Castle Lite advert starring rapper Vanilla Ice was created, with a refreshing dash of lime of course.

“It’s the same green bottle, signature 2-stage cold indicator, grip and ice-proof label with added zest for intense Extra Cold refreshment.”

As my friend Mike Sharman rightly said… “Is this post sponsored? Yes. If you approached me at the bar with a Castle Lime would we become best friends? Yes. Try it, the lime has come.”

Check out Castle Lite’s Twitter page here.The lime has come...

Joe Crann

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