The Music Video To End All Music Videos


After an accidental leak by Yahoo, Taylor Swift has officially released the music video for “Blank Space,” the second single from her album ‘1989’. I have been a Swiftie for a good number of years – i preach her gospel like my after-life depends on it… so i understand why you wouldn’t think that i am the most reliable person when it comes to giving objective opinions on anything she does, but you need to take my word on this one.

If you are one of those people that pretty much only know Taylor Swift because she was once interrupted by Kanye West at the MTV VMAs, then you’re also probably one of those people who thinks that she is a crazy serial-dater who can’t be single, and writes songs exclusively about the men that have broken her heart… which is all categorically untrue. Except for the Kanye thing, that actually happened, obviously. 

It’s got to be one of the most frustrating things for me to see on social media, and to hear in real life, that Taylor Swift lives in a constant state of either dating a guy or breaking up with a guy and writing a song about that guy. She recently did an interview where she finally calls out the general public and the media for this incredibly inaccurate and sexist label that she’s been given. She mentions that Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, etc all write about break-ups and heart-ache, yet she’s the one that raises red flags? How can you label one female artist as “some psycho who always sings about exes” when literally the entire industry, regardless of gender, do it? Is it because she turns those songs into hits? Or maybe her words are too truthful?

If you’re really honest with yourself – you’d realize the vast majority of successful pop/country/rock songs are about breakups and being hurt. She also explained that she’s only dated the same amount of people that any average late-teen/early twenties girl has dated. Her number isn’t particularly high, it’s just that such a big deal is made of every single guy she dates. Last year in Vanity Fair she said that she’s actually only dated TWO guys since 2010.

SLATE says on the video: “On Monday she unveiled the Gone Girl of music videos: She takes the caricature that she’s a psycho bitch, tries it on, and turns it back against her enemies.”

tl;drThis music video shows Taylor Swift owning her psycho/heartbroken/crazy image that the media and the general public have given her… and in the end shows just how ridiculous that image is.

Taylor Swift – Blank Space


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