30,000 – Shelflife Help Me Thank You!

30,000!? I cannot believe that 30,000 people (give our take a few hundred bots) actually care about what I have to say. It’s madness.

I came to South Africa a few years ago with about 120 followers and literally zero reputation. Now, thanks a whole heap of tweets and a bit of graft I’ve managed to hit an amount that I never thought possible, and that, my friends, is all because of you lot. And I wanted to say thanks.


So, without further ado, I’ll get on with it. I, like so many of you, am a huge sneaker freak. I’d walk around in nothing but trainers if it was legal, but it’s not. Police don’t take kindly to nudity.

I’ve become good friends with the amazing guys over at Shelflife of late (and given them lots of my money), so when I saw that I was approaching 30,000 followers I wondered if they’d be keen to get involved.

If I had R30,000 to giveaway then I’d do it, but I don’t. So, instead, the wonderful Shelflife guys have given me 30,000c worth of vouchers for their website to give to you lovely folk.


Over the next week I’m going to be giving away that 30,000c, meaning that one lucky winner will basically land themselves a free pair of whichever kicks they like most, and another four will get a pretty hefty discount off theirs.

We’ll be giving away one R1500 voucher (DONE), three R400 vouchers (DONE) and one R300 voucher over the next seven days, and here’s what you’ve got to do to win…

  1. Head over to Shelflife.co.za

  2. Check out their range (it’s unbelievable by the way)

  3. Save a picture of your favourite pair…

  4. Tweet “Oi @YesWeCrann, if I win a Shelflife.co.za voucher I’ll be putting it towards these bad boys! #KicksFromCrann3 *Insert picture*”#KicksFromCrann2


It’s literally that simple guys… Just one rule! Make sure that you’re following both me (@YesWeCrann) and Shelflife (@Shelflifestore) on Twitter. That’s it.

So go on, go check out what they’ve got to offer and maybe you’ll have some new heat on your feet in the very near future.*

*Their postage in SA is free and super speedy ;)

Thank you, all 30,000 of you!

R1500 – @siegesogaula
3 x R400 – @gmancairns, @s1sne & @BossMazibuko
1 x R300 – ?

Joe Crann


  1. I don’t want to be the nerd stating the obvious but 30,000 cents is R300! You have R3,000 in giveaways so that’s 300,000 cents

  2. I actually thank u for keeping us updated in sports up until u take a nap. Sometimes we get to miss watching some matches but following u on twitter I don’t get to miss anything .

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