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Every now and again a song will feel like it’s speaking directly to me, and this is one of those songs for me! “I Am” is from AWOLNATION’s new album, “Run,” which was released a couple of months back on Red Bull Records.

In an interview i read done by Tim Commerford (bassist of Rage Against the Machine) of AWOLNATION’s frontman Aaron Bruno, Aaron explained to Tim how he came to write the song:

“I played you an early draft of the record,” Bruno says. “I would say it was a year too soon, probably, to show anyone. But I felt excited about it, and some of the songs were there, but I’d say 70 percent of the songs that ended up making the record hadn’t even been written yet. ‘I Am’ certainly hadn’t been written yet. And I remember being devastated from the reaction that you had. Not that it was bad, I could just tell your feeling was — in the nicest way, you were sort of saying, ‘It’s pretty cool, but you’re better than this. And I expect more.’ And [‘I Am’] was one of the next songs I wrote.”

It’s crazy to think that even someone as successful and talented as Aaron Bruno can also feel disappointed in himself sometimes. A nice reminder that musicians are just humans too, with the same human emotions we feel.

Watch the lyric video below:


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